Multi Colour Eyeshadow Palettes


I know everyone goes nuts for those multi coloured eyeshadow palettes on eBay – I have a problem with them because I find they tend to stain the skin. Nevertheless, being bored I grabbed a few off eBay: 120 Colour Palette: I love brights, so I like this. If you like neutrals you might use about, ooohhh 3 colours. There’s an interesting marbled section: Then I picked up two small palettes: A great one full […]

Ardell Clear Glue for Strip Lashes


I am addicted to fake lashes, even though I am still crap at applying them. Nevertheless I have decided to practise! The glue I get with my lashes (korean branded) is crap. I also have the She Uemura glue but I am quite allergic to it. So I have ordered the Ardell Clear Lash Glue: It isn’t actually CLEAR. It’s white and dries clear. Allegedly. I haven’t tried it yet – all I will say […]

Cover Girl Lash Blast, Mint Fresh Gloss etc.


Cover Girl isn’t on sale in the UK, but I have found a brilliant US seller of drugstore brands on eBay. I actually needed to find this gloss after seeing the girls on ANTM model it – that’s how sad I am. I got waterproof Lash Blast: Heres the brush head: The mascara is SO BIG. You could never carry it around in your handbag, it’s like carrying around a dildo. Concealer, in Warm Beige: […]

Pre-10 Day Giveaway – Giveaway!


I was supposed to start this on Tuesday and post a giveaway item everyday from 9.00am GMT – but what the hey, I’ll give something away to! Givenchy Cosmetic Bag and 2 Very Irrestible Shower Goodies. All items are new. Just leave a comment and I will pick a random winner. You can enter more than one competition over the next ten days. Rules: You need to be human You can live anywhere in the […]

New, New Crush Alert

If you live in the UK you need to watch River Cottage because there’s a hot babe in it – no, not Hugh Fearnly Whittenstall. Gill! Gill is Hugh’s headchef apparently: My aunt once said, years ago, that she would write in to the show to tell them that her niece “really fancies Gill”, like a parent trying to wrangle the best prize at the raffle for her child. Gillon Meller, Head Chef, River Cottage […]

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