Bed Head Extreme Curl Mousse


I was looking for a product I could use with my rollers – a lot of products for curls these days are to enhance and accentuate curls that are already there, or to fix them afterwards. I haven’t used mousse since 1989. I remember distinctly, I used to sit behind this beast of a girl […]

UPDATE: Marianne Newman Nails


I recently reported on my experience with Marianne Newman Nails, all the info here. Basically, its a new 3 min manicure. The idea is you can use a clicky pen to apply the colour and seal it in – it dries super quickly. Well – after trying it out more, I am really disappointed with […]

Nars Malaysia Bronzer Pic & Glitter Eyeliner


Here are the pics from my tiny haul: Nars Malaysia Bronzer Multiple: Highly recommended. I finally bought Le Sept Glitter Eye pencil: I have a few of these: They are super glittery – chunks of it. If you are allergic glitter then this may not be for you, but I wore it on Friday and […]

New Crush Alert

For no reason at all, I watched a film on TV today called Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont, I didn’t mean to since it looked like some awful episode of Midsummer Murders but I was really suprised by how touching and interesting it was. I call it the kind of film that suddenly shuts kids […]

5 days till Christmas…

Christmas Shopping – Done. Christmas Dinner – Completely NOT done. If only I trusted Nigella Lawson and her recipies, but I have tried enough to know they are always unpredictable in results.  There’s nothing better than going to eat a Christmas dinner someone else has cooked but this year it looks like we will have […]

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