New at Adam Beauty Majolica Majorca and MAQUillage


I get excited whenever Adam Beauty gets new stuff in cos it takes SO LONG sometimes for him to update. There’s some new goodies there but the exchange rate is at all time low so I will have to be extremely restrained. We have the: Limited Edition Gorgeous Wing Mascara in BR777 a golden brown! I’ve been waiting to try this mascara out but never gave in, I do feel like getting one of these […]

Screw You!: Traffic Wardens


This is Miss Jocelyn, not a real traffic warden. So today when my other half picked me up from work, we had a quick chat as there was something I had to sort out..10 seconds tops. Comes along a hatchet faced demon, yes, a traffic warden – tiny thing, resembled hitler, had terrible skin. YOU CAN’T PARK HERE! She says agressively. Actually, what I wanted to say, was this parking bay has been reserved for […]

Nicola McLean’s bionic breasts


Every evening as I watch I’m a Celebrity, I wait for them.  Like two bouncy watermelons they have me in mesmerized, in awe and disgust.  I’m talking about Page 3 girl Nicola McLean’s bionic gazungas. Nothing new about a Page 3 girl having a boob job, but it seems that with Nicola’s the person pumping in the fluid forgot to say “Stop!”. They stand up all on their own, of course, because they are fake.  […]

Screw You!: Home Delivery Network


Generally speaking, most couriers are utterly useless.  It doesn’t take much, like, a doorbell, to put them off delivering an item to you.  There are some exceptions – Fedex seem to do what they say and UPS generally speaking. Parcelforce, Home Delivery Network, Citylink, DHL, Amtrak etc. etc. I’ve had them all and they are all pretty crappy. Anyway I was waiting for a parcel, with Home Delivery Network (once abysmal, got a bit better […]

December is here!!

And so are the chills.  Is it cold where you are? It’s freezing where I am but I am well adjusted to cold weather.  It’s the chub you see – skinnies, you must be extra cold at this time of year! Been very very busy so have not had time to get as many posts up as usual although there is some good stuff coming up, as well as another blog I am working on!  […]

Because I’m on a budget: L’oreal Drugstore Haul


Something happened to me this morning. I woke up and I didn’t want anything. No lemmings. No cosmetic must haves. Nada. I am bored of the winter collections already and the pound is at an huge low next to the dollar so I can’t even buy anything from overseas. Another thing I noticed this morning is how crummy my eyelashes look now that the perm is falling out. It’s been about 6 weeks and they […]

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