Ciate Hat Boxes


I mentioned how good the value of the Ciate hatbox sets are the other day – £20 from ASOS!. I ordered both and this is how the sets come: Classic Collection nail colours (Used Megan’s nails as swatches so no complaining about how messy they are!): Paprazzi- red black Dangerous Affair- deep blood red Boudoir- deep red Mistress- bright red Plastic Fantastic- berry purple Knickerbockerglory- fushia pink Speed Coat fast drying top coat (clear) Catwalk […]

Quick Nars Make Over


I did a quite dash around and picked up some long time lemmings today. Nars have a new LE palette (£37): It looks a bit odd but it’s super hot! Shades include: – Kilimanjaro I (opalescent gold) – Bohemian Gold II (iridescent copper) – Surbaya II (chestnut) – Himalayas (iridescent pink) – Ondine (plum with gold shimmer) – Night Flight (black with cobalt blue pearls) The look that was created for me was using Kilimanjaro […]



Mmmm Bacon Bagels. But I digress. Yesterday was a crazy haul day – for beauty and for clothes. It’s funny how problematic buying clothes online really is. On one hand I like it, because I can see everything in front of me – have you seen how busy some of the shops get? But then again you will never know how something fits until you try it on. I’m returned about 20% of the clothes […]

This is what I’ve learned from spending 3 hours at The Trafford Centre

i. Come November there will be tons and tons of annoying people (me included) in The Trafford Centre doing their Christmas shopping which means you will be shoved from pillar to post. Just be grateful there’s no Primark in there. ii. If you have scheduled a make over with RMK and the person doing it has actually gone home, you will be ever so slightly irritated but at least the nice temp girl shoves a […]

Shu = Meh


Maybe I’m just a cranky cow, but I made my way to the Shu Uemura counter today to lookat the Mika Christmas collection which looks super stunning online. Only 2 palettes were left: This one looks dull but it’s actually quite nice and the third colour across, a rose bronze is utterly stunning. Winter Sakura (I think) is more dramatic: Both are £45. Houston, we have a problem. The palettes are SIMILAR.  Not a bit, […]

Screw you!: Dodgy Royal Mail


It ain’t like this anymore As if it’s not bad enough with the crappy exchange rate – 1 GBP = 1.47793 USD, people!!!  I’m getting screwed over by Royal Mail too! Five lost parcels in 2 months.  From Thailand, Hong Kong, the US, Japan and Blighty. Either I am just cursed, or someone at Royal Mail has exquisite taste in Japanese cosmetics. Whilst I think that it’s inevitable that sometimes things will get lost, I […]

Ciate Hat Box at ASOS


I know, I know, ASOS are on my hate list, but compared to some of the deadbeats I’ve bought from lately, they are a boon. What I’ve noticed from surfing their site lately is that the prices are very erratic.  One day I added a headband into my cart and it was £8.  The next day I looked for it again, it was £6? Go figure.  Yes, it’s only £2 but I would be annoyed […]

I’m a celebrity GET ME OUT OF HERE!


Hurrah! I’m a celebrity starts on Sunday in the UK. The contestants are CRAP. We have a man who used to be a police officer. We have a WAG. She is not a pretend model, like Coleen, she’s not a pretend fashion designer, like Victoria, she’s not a pretend singer, like Cheryl. She is nothing but the girlfriend of a man who kicks a ball about. Kudos to you for making a career out of […]

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