Shiseido Colour Control Stick


I suffer from redness around my lip area, especially where the smile lines are. Annoying, yes – when I heard about the Shiseido colour control stick I decided to go out and buy one. I love Shiseido’s Hydro Cream Foundation compact – a great foundation but I wasn’t so impressed with the colour stick foundation […]

What’s lost its fizzle?


Do you ever feel like some brands have lost their fizzle? I was thinking looking a Lavshuca’s winter offering and Lunasol collections how dull they are compared to the things that were released last year, or even 2 years ago.  The colours, the packaging is all pretty dull to me. my top 5 brands that […]

The Jamu Shop; Asian Health & Skincare Goodies


A little birdie told me about something called Ly Na Pearl Paste – a medicated treatement used at night with whitening properties that is supposed to remove marks and scars too. I bought that and a few different goodies from a place called the Jamu Shop, based in Singapore. It cost $18 including shipping for […]

Smashbox Trio Eyeliner & Shadow


I ordered this baby from QVC ages ago but it was lost in the post. Luckily I found another one on eBay. This is a trio of cream eyeliner and a loose gunpowder coloured powder from the Wicked Collection: Three sultry cream liners and a sparkling loose shimmer in one mirrored pot! The liners provide […]

VOCE & Biteki magazines, November


I love Japanese Beauty magazines. The two that can be bought in the UK from the Japan Centre are Biteki and Voce. I wish they stocked Maquia too. Biteki came with a free gift too! It was either a eyeliner or a mascara – I wanted the mascara so guess what I got? The liner […]

RMK Facial and Haul


Went to RMK for a facial – good value at £10 and you get to redeem the amount. It was nice but I have about 20 spots that have appeared now. Grrrr. Here was my haul: Mix Cheeks in Orange I don’t any of the mix cheeks, but this one stood out in a mile […]

Another Make Up Video: Glittery Eyes

Beauty Exchange is a Taiwan website they have tons of videos on you tube, some are fab so are crap: This is a great on with glittery eyes. Looks like standard fine/nail glitter and Shu Uemura Duo. It’s super cute buttttt ladies be careful with chunky glitter around the eyes. I know myself that chunks […]

Facebook IS for dummies


I found it interesting that there is now a Facebook for Dummies book. What on earth can there be to teach? Chapter 1: This is how to log on. Chapter 2: Friends; quantity, not quality. Chapter 3: POKE ME: Dealing with pokes. Chapter 4: How to stalk your ex/collegue/friend Chapter 5: How to change your […]

Angelina’s liver lips


What’s the point of fighting it? Angelina is stunning far away and close up. Her lipstick here is sooooooooo sexy.  It’s a whitish-nude gloss, I presume.  So nice – yes, I am on the hunt for it. The rest of her face is obviously airbrushed but she is still a huge beauty, right?  She’s incomparable […]

Good Luck America!


As the US Elections draw to an end, I wish my American readers good luck, hoping you elect the best candidate for the job.

2: MU GU Palettes


This is a special feature, a quick review of the items I bought from Shopping99 a Taiwanese site that sells beauty, fashion and lifestyle goods. MU GU has a large selection of palettes in nice designs and lots of colours. My experience with them are somewhat varied. First off a multi colour palette with blushes: […]

Nars Swatches Winter 2008 Collection


As reported last week, I made a killer haul at Nars. Oh, be still my beating heart. It was an amazing haul and make over, if I don’t say so meself. Haulage piccies now! Eyeshadows Blade Runner, is a deep shimmery green and warm copper. I have loved this for a long time: The new […]

No. 1: MU GU Lip Gloss Set


This is a special feature, a quick review of the items I bought from Shopping99 a Taiwanese site that sells beauty, fashion and lifestyle goods. This super party queen lip set was one of my first purchases from shopping99. It features 4 super sparkly glosses: I love how sparkly the glosses are and I really […]

Shopping99 & Mu Gu

Remember when I said something made me really excited a few weeks ago? Well it was a brand, a shop! Yup somewhere new to buy stuff. (well it made me giddy anyway…) It began with this video: Nice, cute palette. Mu Gu? Never heard of it. Did some investigations and it turns out that its […]

End of Beauty Tool Week


So it’s the end of beauty tool week! How did you guys do with the guessing? I believe about 3 people got 6/7 items but the ones that seem to stump people the most was the ear cleaner and the fringe clip. Some of the tools are just stupid, like the nose clip. For it […]

You need to learn a new language

You know, as humans become dumber and lazier it is inevitable that some languages will become endangered.* Endangered languages include Hawaiian, Tulu, Breton, Leonese, Manchu, Cajun French, Proper English. Actually Wikepedia says that and endangered language can be termed as such by looking at: 1. The number of speakers currently living. 2. The mean age […]

DAY 7: Ear Cleaner


Last day of Beauty Tool Week! And we have: Metal Ear Cleaner. This is a small little tool which can be use to deal with inner ear itchness and to remove ear wax. It is a rounded shape to help prevent any injury and stops you from sticking it in too far. Point 1: smaller […]

Halloween was pants


For me anyway. I waited in as Megs and her big sis went trick or treating. I sat with packs of lollies and haribo, deciding on my sweet ration strategy. Teenagers – get an lolly Miserable teenagers – get a mouldy lolly General Kids – a lolly and haribo Cute little kids – multiple lollies […]

Kryolan UV 24 Colour Palette


I did a 2 minute rush job with Megan’s Halloween make up, and whilst sorting through the make up to see what I could use, I came across this gem I hadn’t seen for a while. A Kryolan 24 Colour Palette. There are a number of them, generally for different designs; some a day time […]

DAY 6: Nose Cleaner

This thing resembling a foot file is actually a deep pore nose cleanswer! It’s made of floppy rubber. You stick your finger in the end and scrub after you have put your cleanser on. It’s a no brainer really. It keeps you skin nice and clean, is good for targeting a greasy nose area. I […]

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