B Never too Busy TEENY eyeshadows in a palette


Just a quickie, as they say – here’s a pic of my miniscule B Never too Busy shadows in a MEDIUM sized aveda palette. They are magnetic hurrah! so no super glue for me. It was HELL getting them all in. It may look easy but I had to spend ages moving it around so that all the pans would fit in. Thankfully, I have been playing Professor Layton on the DS…. Pics! I didn’t […]

Laura Mercier Tuxedo Palette, Black Tie Collection


I used a birthday giftcard I had on the Laura Mercier Tuxedo Palette, Limited Edition: This one comes with a matte black, a shimmery charcoal, a matte white and a shimmery white. See what they are giving you here? Options to blend and play! What’s stupid about the Promo pic is that the stunning lip colour she has on is NOT the one from the black tie collection (they are offering a red and white […]

What is Twlight?


Help me out here girls. What the hell is twlight? It’s clogging up the gossip pages I love to read and I don’t know what it is. This is the only kind of Twlight I know. And I was searching for a picture of Nicola T, page 3 girl on I’m a celebrity who has not become a very irritating and true to her sterotype, bitchy. Instead (cover your eyes Mandy) I found this picture […]

Kanebo Coffret D’or New Dec 08 Lipsticks


Kanebo’s Coffret D’or replaced the lovely T’estimo range about a year ago – I always thought that T’estimo was a great range, so was a bit sad to see it go. Coffret D’or, although I have nothing against it hasn’t quite captured my imagination – I think it’s quite similar to Shiseido’s upmarket MAQUillage – sleek, glossy, elegant but not outrageously expensive like SKII or Cle De Peau, however I prefer MAQUillage. Anyway – I […]

KATE Gel Eyeshadows


I am just beginning to catch up on haulage pics…bear with me, there are loads and loads of good reviews and things coming up! I love gel and cream eyeshadows very much – so I picked up four of these KATE gel shadows. KATE is not the most glam of brands but the product quality, when its good, is amazing. BR1, BR2, GY1 and GD1. GD1 – Is a soft shimmer yellowy gold nice as […]

B Never to Busy to Be Beautiful Eyeshadow Haul


B Never to be Busy to Be Beautiful, (which I am going to call BLOB for no particular reason) is a stupidly named company from the HQ of Lush. You all know how I feel about Lush – fantastic ideas, nice smells but a lot of the products don’t work for me personally, and they are expensive for what they are. I have had my eye on the Blob shadows for a while. They come […]

Birthday Stuff


I had my hair cut and coloured at my usual hair salon, Denny Hairdressing today – I ended up with an absolutely wicked haircut (did I just say wicked?!). He did it very short and fluffy at the top, and the colour turned out a really nice warm honey brown too. Love it! Then I went to the salon J.Crystal as a treat, had the pamper package which included a Pedicure, Manicure, Back massage and […]

Happy Birthday to Me!


*On a side note, aren’t men extremely annoying in the way they flick the remote for the TV. There will be about 80 channels and somehow he always stops on some crappy Adam Sandler film or the 200th repeat of Family Guy. Anyway… It’s my birthday! Am old, am anti-social and am being carted in for a number of pampering treatments – am having a REST, goddammit. Just a quickie, I’ve opened up some pressies […]

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