Screw You!: get’s it wrong, again


I will soon run out of vitriol and get back to the make up stuff, but first I am to moan about Additions is an online catalogue store that sells all the usual stuff, clothes, shoes, kitchen and household goods. Whenever I order something substantial they screw it up. The first time I ordered a £50 rice cooker. Within a week, the baby refused to turn on. I tried and tried, changed the fuse […]

Dame Edna & MAC Collaboration!


I thought this was a super cool collaboration between MAC and Dame Edna… Even I have to admit it looks super cute and that beauty powder looks like a must have for me! It’s out in December just after Xmas apparently.  But now that we’ve done the dame and we have Hello Kitty coming up what else can MAC think of in terms of collaborations.  Here are some of my suggestions. MAC loves PAT BUTCHER* […]

Customs Charge Warning UK!


Boo hoo. I got a parcel worth $30 and had £11.21 fees added from customs! £8.00 of it was “handling fees”. I think that the reason this has happened is because of the exchange rate – so whereas $30 used to be £15, its now more like £20. So remember this ladies when buying from the US/Hong Kong/Japan – ANYWHERE! 1. The threshold for customs fee for goods from outside the EU (Europe) is £18. […]

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