I’m a celebrity GET ME OUT OF HERE!


Hurrah! I’m a celebrity starts on Sunday in the UK. The contestants are CRAP. We have a man who used to be a police officer. We have a WAG. She…

Screw You! : Cafe Rouge Yuk


I’ve been to Cafe Rouge about 4 times and everytime either the service has been very very slow or the food has been poor. Every year I give people another…

Screw You!: Crap Customer Service at LuxuryHairCare.co.uk


Do not shop with these crooks! I bought a Babyliss large 38mm curler 7 days ago and nada, nothing. I am sick to death of people selling things that don’t…

Screw you! : Crap Service Top Shop Online


Top Shop has now taken over ASOS on the top of my crap online clothes shops. I’ve not shopped in Top Shop for YEARS. Because although they do have some…

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