Laura White voted off!?!?!? What??!?!


Although I can’t stand Cheryl Tweedy, I do/did think Laura White was so amazing and special and was rooting for her to win. Now she’s been voted off – I can’t believe it! Stupid Daniel and Eeeeogghaannn are still in! I wonder if the other X Factor judges are trying to teach Cheryl a lesson […]

Worship the little Irish Imp


Louis Walsh just called Cheryl “That was my best performace of yours” Cole “Little Miss Showbiz over there” (and something else I can’t remember) cos Shezza said Louis was turning his crappy band JLS into Westlife. That shut her up. Cheryl knows nothing about anything, she needs to stick to looking gorgeous and showing how […]

Takako Fleur Beauty Book


I am always mooching on, as they have a lot of Asian beauty books. It’s hit and miss – the good ones have lots of visuals (since I can’t read them) and just look great. Some are very text heavy or may be really sparse. Takako is a Japanese make up artist and from […]

Chanel Brun Lame Dry Eyeliner Duo Xmas 08


I had no idea this was coming out but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it: There is a black version of this (pic here). This one is a choc brown, matte and sparkly. The idea is that you get 2 brushes a stumpy one for soft effects and […]

Christian Dior Twlight Palette Xmas 08


Twilight Palette is one of the 2 released for the Christmas Dior Collection. This one is not LE, the other one is. You know what gets on my nerves? When a SA doesn’t know what is LE or not. Is this LE? Yes it all is. I go home and check and its not LE […]

Comment of the month

You regulars better step up your comments because Anonymous left a comment that took me 15 minutes to read. I’ve decided to award her (I presume its a her) comment of the month. Here it is: Anonymous said… I have just watch Gordon Ramsey 1hr cook show and he cooked with Amanda Holden. I had […]

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