Stupid Purfume Names


Now that Christmas is upon us, purfumes will be flying of the counters quicker than ever.  (tip: male readers. Your missus does not want Chanel No.5 so step away from the counter). I got an email from Strawberry Net, which has some great deals on scents (people have questioned the sell by date of Strawberry Net but for the good and bad experiences, I have to say Strawberry net are very good and they will […]

My new make up bag


Every few months I’ll decide I need a new make up bag! Here is my latest: Little Red Riding Hood. Isn’t it cute? It’s from Etsy the seller is SKO. She makes the cutest little pouches ever, although because they are handmade she doesn’t have many on, and once they have gone, it takes a while for more to appear. They are all LE though! It’s a good size, enough for goodies, not too big […]

Dior Creme De Gloss in Pink Essence (Rose De Essence)

I didn’t love Dior’s Creme De Gloss at all when it was first released.  Yes it is a nice texture, but I hated how dull it looked on the lips and I hated the colour selection; I owned Beige and Fig which I just found so dull dull dull. So back at the Dior counter, the girl tells me that the Creme De Gloss (one in a nude beige, one was Pink Essence) is LE.  […]

America’s Next Top Model


I admit, I love America’s Next Top Model, even though Tyra Banks it a complete nut job. “You have so much light” Usually said to the girl being kicked out, as if that’s any consolation. I’d rather hear, “You have so much booty” than “You have so much light”. “You need to smile with your eyes” I tried this. It doesn’t work. You look maniacal. It’s not smiling it’s creasing up your face funny. I […]

November @ Cosmetic Candy

Dear Ladies (and Gents), Can you believe we are well into November? My birthday is on the 20th and I am feeling old.  No plans for the day (unless anyone wants to surprise me, hint hint) perhaps I should take the day off work and book into a salon, get my hair done etc? This month I am loving Chanel’s Brun Lame LE Liner, Nars Jolie Poupee and everything else on that counter and looking […]

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