RMK Haul


I know, too many hauls but check this out: I’ve been looking for a sparkly, shimmery white sheen for the lips: This is RMK Irresistible lips C in no. 5…

YSL Quint disappointment


So off I went on my lunch, accosting the YSL counter full of excitement.  Remember I was looking the for YSL Quints – the green, lilac and blue all looked…

Build your own palette on Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown will now let you put your own palette together online with it’s stupid extremely realistic blocks of colour that represent ‘eyeshadows’ and ‘blushers’. A month ago I would…

Bad bad YesStyle.com


I’m not completely thrilled with YesStyle.com.  This site is a sister to YesAsia.com, an Asian version of Amazon if you like.  You can get cds, book, games, toys etc. from…

NYX Lipgloss and Lipstick Haul


I know you US ladies have NYX all over the place but it’s unavailble in the UK. It’s a shame because it looks like such a cheap but cheerful brand,…

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