RMK Facial and Haul


Went to RMK for a facial – good value at £10 and you get to redeem the amount. It was nice but I have about 20 spots that have appeared…

Another Make Up Video: Glittery Eyes

Beauty Exchange is a Taiwan website they have tons of videos on you tube, some are fab so are crap: This is a great on with glittery eyes. Looks like…

Facebook IS for dummies


I found it interesting that there is now a Facebook for Dummies book. What on earth can there be to teach? Chapter 1: This is how to log on. Chapter…

Angelina’s liver lips


What’s the point of fighting it? Angelina is stunning far away and close up. Her lipstick here is sooooooooo sexy.  It’s a whitish-nude gloss, I presume.  So nice – yes,…

Good Luck America!


As the US Elections draw to an end, I wish my American readers good luck, hoping you elect the best candidate for the job.

2: MU GU Palettes


This is a special feature, a quick review of the items I bought from Shopping99 a Taiwanese site that sells beauty, fashion and lifestyle goods. MU GU has a large…

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