RMK Facial and Haul


Went to RMK for a facial – good value at £10 and you get to redeem the amount. It was nice but I have about 20 spots that have appeared now. Grrrr. Here was my haul: Mix Cheeks in Orange I don’t any of the mix cheeks, but this one stood out in a mile because I love orange/peach. When mixed its a nice peach shade, but I like the idea of using the brown […]

Another Make Up Video: Glittery Eyes

Beauty Exchange is a Taiwan website they have tons of videos on you tube, some are fab so are crap: This is a great on with glittery eyes. Looks like standard fine/nail glitter and Shu Uemura Duo. It’s super cute buttttt ladies be careful with chunky glitter around the eyes. I know myself that chunks of any eye make up, never mind glitter can irritate the hell out of your eyes if it falls in […]

Facebook IS for dummies


I found it interesting that there is now a Facebook for Dummies book. What on earth can there be to teach? Chapter 1: This is how to log on. Chapter 2: Friends; quantity, not quality. Chapter 3: POKE ME: Dealing with pokes. Chapter 4: How to stalk your ex/collegue/friend Chapter 5: How to change your status so you appear like a busy person. Chapter 6: Removing friend’s without them noticing and placing you on their […]

Angelina’s liver lips


What’s the point of fighting it? Angelina is stunning far away and close up. Her lipstick here is sooooooooo sexy.  It’s a whitish-nude gloss, I presume.  So nice – yes, I am on the hunt for it. The rest of her face is obviously airbrushed but she is still a huge beauty, right?  She’s incomparable to that rather skanky, Megan Fox. Urgh look at her nails! Even her nails are nice!

2: MU GU Palettes


This is a special feature, a quick review of the items I bought from Shopping99 a Taiwanese site that sells beauty, fashion and lifestyle goods. MU GU has a large selection of palettes in nice designs and lots of colours. My experience with them are somewhat varied. First off a multi colour palette with blushes: This was medium pigmented and of course looks very cute. This palette is an all eyeshadow one: This one comes […]

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