End of Beauty Tool Week


So it’s the end of beauty tool week! How did you guys do with the guessing? I believe about 3 people got 6/7 items but the ones that seem to…

You need to learn a new language

You know, as humans become dumber and lazier it is inevitable that some languages will become endangered.* Endangered languages include Hawaiian, Tulu, Breton, Leonese, Manchu, Cajun French, Proper English. Actually…

DAY 7: Ear Cleaner


Last day of Beauty Tool Week! And we have: Metal Ear Cleaner. This is a small little tool which can be use to deal with inner ear itchness and to…

Halloween was pants


For me anyway. I waited in as Megs and her big sis went trick or treating. I sat with packs of lollies and haribo, deciding on my sweet ration strategy….

Kryolan UV 24 Colour Palette


I did a 2 minute rush job with Megan’s Halloween make up, and whilst sorting through the make up to see what I could use, I came across this gem…

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