End of Beauty Tool Week


So it’s the end of beauty tool week! How did you guys do with the guessing? I believe about 3 people got 6/7 items but the ones that seem to stump people the most was the ear cleaner and the fringe clip. Some of the tools are just stupid, like the nose clip. For it […]

You need to learn a new language

You know, as humans become dumber and lazier it is inevitable that some languages will become endangered.* Endangered languages include Hawaiian, Tulu, Breton, Leonese, Manchu, Cajun French, Proper English. Actually Wikepedia says that and endangered language can be termed as such by looking at: 1. The number of speakers currently living. 2. The mean age […]

DAY 7: Ear Cleaner


Last day of Beauty Tool Week! And we have: Metal Ear Cleaner. This is a small little tool which can be use to deal with inner ear itchness and to remove ear wax. It is a rounded shape to help prevent any injury and stops you from sticking it in too far. Point 1: smaller […]

Halloween was pants


For me anyway. I waited in as Megs and her big sis went trick or treating. I sat with packs of lollies and haribo, deciding on my sweet ration strategy. Teenagers – get an lolly Miserable teenagers – get a mouldy lolly General Kids – a lolly and haribo Cute little kids – multiple lollies […]

Kryolan UV 24 Colour Palette


I did a 2 minute rush job with Megan’s Halloween make up, and whilst sorting through the make up to see what I could use, I came across this gem I hadn’t seen for a while. A Kryolan 24 Colour Palette. There are a number of them, generally for different designs; some a day time […]

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