RMK – Now that’s what I call a freebie!


Shops…insufferable. I hate Christmas shoppers – haven’t you people heard of the TINTERNET for Christmas shopping! It’s there, use it and get out of my way. Anyways, cleaning through my mess (I swear stash photos are coming…soon) I found a few half stamped RMK cards – RMK do a loyalty card where for ever £20 you get a stamp – collect 6 and get a freebie from the freebie box. I’ve had my fair rummages […]

Happy Turkey Day!


I don’t know anything about Thanksgiving other than a lot of Turkey’s are eaten in America. Wait…isn’t that supposed to be for Christmas? Aren’t you guys just basically cheating and getting a pre-Christmas before Christmas? Either way, have a fabulous holi-holi-day!

Come on December!

Once my birthday has passed I lose all interest in November – bring on indulgent, hectic December and hopefully, a good period of recouperation. Can you believe I have zero lemmings – zero!  Even the Japanese Xmas collections aren’t interesting me much.  However, the Jimmy Choo Elsa in Emerald Green and Chole Paraty Python and Cyndi have got me excited – new bag, new organised life? ! Posts will be a little random untill I […]

Shiseido Integrate Accent Palettes


I was so in love with my first Integrate palette that I ordered it in 2 shades of brown too – alas they were lost by the blessed Royal Mail system (along with 4 other packets – by the way Royal Mail say its tough but I can claim if I want). Ichibankao.com were kind enough to send me a replacement so here it is: BR730 (warmer toned) BR750 (cool toned brown). Top is BR730 […]

Kat Von D Lighting for Lips Kit


I mentioned that I had got Kat Von D’s lighting for lips set so decided to open the box and have a quick play. In the kit are mini sized lip glosses, packed with glitter: Gut reaction? These are very pretty and easy to wear because they are sheer – in fact I’m almost a bit dissapointed that they are so sheer that the colour is barely noticable – the glitter is the focus here. […]

Kat Von D


Am I going too quick for you? Should I reduce the amount of posts I have up? Anyway, spotted these Kat Von D Palettes on eBay for wayyy more than they actually cost from Sephora, but being a Brit, it’s my job to be ripped off. I know Kat Von D is a tattoo lady from Miami Ink. This is what she looks like: Eeerrrr – let’s find a more flattering image. There! She’s pretty, […]

Marian Newman Nails


After have a crappy manicure on my birthday (lumpy, uneven, smudgy) I began investigating the net for something that really does dry quicky and is easy to apply. Although I have a decent nail collection, I am completely impatient, yet a perfectionist, so it’s not often I have nails I think are good enough to keep on. If it has a smudge then they all come off – isn’t that a disease, like ADHD or […]

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