IPSA White Protect C Creative Concealer


Another product I spotted in the Kevin B Beauty book was this ISPA creative concealer: It is a special palette with three colours inside. The idea is that the space on the bottom is for you to blend to the perfect colour. *light bulb moment – I believe I have a MAC concealer with 3 […]

Random Nars Haulage


Nars, Nars, I am sick for you at the moment. I am also loving Esprique Precious and Bobbi Brown at the moment – how about you? Here is my random Nars Haul – Lip Liner in Ecuadaor, a deep crimson red: Lulu, a matter aubergine: Fiji – a soft metallic green. Like Night Porter but […]

Jill Stuart Sparkle Pressed Powder


Reading my Kevin B book, I noticed how on one of the looks the model had a great glow using Jill Stuart’s pressed powder in Sparkle: Jill Stuart does three special pressed powders: Natural is – well, natural, Shine gives a light glow and Sparkle illuminates the most of all. The powder was used under […]

Kevin B – Chinese Make Up Book


I love all make up books, apart from the ones from the 80s with bad spiral perms and bushy brows.  I love looking at Chinese language make up books – the emphasis is on LOOK since I can’t read Chinese. My latest find is Kevin B’s Make up book split into a day/skincare guide and […]

Paul & Joe perfect for Christmas!


Paul & Joe’s Christmas collection has got me running round in circles.  It’s STUNNING. I love Paul & Joe’s eye gloss completely. They have been reformulated – can you IMAGINE?! I am even loving the look of the red lipsticks, and the eye pencils.  The loose powders I don’t know – I have around 60 […]

Nars Christmas Collection


I know I’m slow.  Nars will be releasing the Crimbo goodies come Christmas.  As well as this I’ve had a tip off that there will soon be a lorra new multiple colours and new liquid eyeliners with a build in brush. Christmas is about sparkles! Glitter!  Red lipstick! Gluttony! Crackers! Nars rarely does Limited Editions […]

Lush Soaps = Blocked Drains


Everytime I get something from Lush – which I do cos I get bored even though their products generally do nothing for me – the boyfriend moans.  Why?  Because their chunky soaps, solid shampoos and what nots fall apart in clumps and means blocked drains. Huh, I sniffed, as if the shower will get blocked […]

Pencil Me In Pencils


I love my eyeliners – town between the choice of a new liner and eyeshadow, most of the time I’d go for a liner.  I have tons and tons in my collections, most notably every colour of Urban Decay 24/7 (my favourite) and of Shu Uemura Drawing Crayons (nice pencils but don’t have the same […]

Bobbi Brown Does Bright Colour – SHOCKER!


I know, I know, breathe breathe breathe. If I saw this palette on eBay I would be hitting the ‘Report this item’ in a heartbeat but alas, the lady herself is holding it in her hand.  Check out this bright spring palette from Bobbi Brown, in round pans as opposed to the classic Bobbi Square […]

Quick Bobbi Brown Swatches


I was so desperate to see the BB palettes that I went to my local counter last night.  The main palette (Lip and Eye) with red on the lips and golds on the eyes had sold out already. I tried out the velvet plum palette was was ok – the shade Velvet Plum, the rest […]



It’s a good job I’m not a Macaholic. How do you guys deal with it – collection, after collection, after collection, after collection. I have bought nowt from MAC for a good 6 months. Restraint, ladies, restraint. (ahem). There’s the Gold Fever collection, Ungaro, Suite Array, Creamsheen, Manish Aurora, Sheer Minerals, Cult of Cherry – […]

Man Friday! I nearly forgot!


…not that anyone cares but me and Kitty but still… This week there was only one man it could be: The late, great Paul Newman. He passed away last week, leaving his much beloved wife, Joanne Woodward and 5 daughters, 2 from a previous marriage. Apart from being so handsome it actually hurts to look […]



How was your Friday? There has been various problems lately. the boyfriend, the genius that he is has managed to break: 1. The main PC 2. My Nintendo DS – making me lose a good hour of gameplay 3. My Culinaire One Touch Tin opened. It’s “semi” working now, as in, it will “semi” open […]

Bobbi Brown Christmas Palettes are HOT!


Bobbi Brown palettes usually make me go: Especially the nudes. Nude on nude. Simmering Nudes. Twilight Nudes. Neutral Nudes. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. Raspberry Palette is nice. Mauve Palette is nice. The Nudes are just ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Anyway the new Xmas palettes are just beautiful! Golds on the eyes, Reds on the lips. Lovely. Now I am […]

SASA Haul – Heel Razors, Tomato Masks and Acne Powder


I’m not a regular at SASA for Asian cosmetic related goodies. Perhaps because I think it isn’t that cheap and a lot of what they sell can be found on other stores and Ebay. However, I can’t fault the speedy and efficent service and the well packaged boxes that reach my desk. You can get […]

Catherine Zeta Jones – Bad make up?


That forever tolerant and kind newspaper, the Daily Mail reported today that Cathering Zeta Jones needed the Mask of Zorro to cover up her zits and generally shiny face because of a bad make up job. What do you think? The article refers to her as spotty, but I don’t think that’s the issue here […]

J-Lo offends the eyes


It’s not just the moronic gape mouthed look, its the wrong lip colour ALL THE TIME, its the horrible OTT lashes ALL THE TIME and her dallas hair ALL THE TIME. I don’t like this red on her. I think an orange-coral red would look much nicer than this blue based vampy red with tons […]

Mission Fish – raising money on eBay


I was buying some random bits from eBay today when I noticed at the point of paying that there was an option for me to donate some money to a charity – added at the cart stage.  It was only $1 so I thought why not? Investigating further, I found that there’s a website called […]

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