Beauty Tool Week!


Make up brushes…check Make up sponges…check Eyelash curlers…check But you know I have been on a discovery of new, whacky and rather cool beauty tools. Next week will be beauty tool week, with one item reviewed per day. As a teaser, here are some of the items…can you guess what they are for? A few of them inflict pain…? Guesses in the comments please!

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers


I have no idea why I bought these blushers, other than the fact that I like the squeezy tubes they come in.  It’s art baby, I’m an artist. I love cream/liquid shadows and blushers but I can’t think of one liquid blush I like.  Too sheer most of the time, not a nice enough range of shades.  I have the Albion liquid blushes – expensive and very “meh”.  I disliked Benetint and Positint even more […]

Anna Sui Waterproof Eye Pencils


I got a thing for eye pencils. The latest that caught my eye were Anna Sui’s newish waterproof range; Very pretty, in the Anna Sui way.  I choose 900 – Olive Green, 200- Violet and 500 – Brown. The Olive green is stunning – just stunning.  It almost touches black but still looks like a dark metallic olive.  The violet pencil makes a change as its not aubergine or plum, its just a true bright […]

Truffle Shuffle Update

So I got my package from Truffle Shuffle – the shipping was fast and efficient BUT – The pink hoodie I got had black stains down the arm. I know! Back it goes, but what a pain in the bum.  The yellow hoodie, at a whopping £40 was very thin and flimsy – back it goes.  The Wizard of Oz make up bag is HUAGEEEEEE.  It’s practically a wash bag.  Back it goes.  They better […]

Nars Christmas Collection Online!


UK Ladies!  Nars Cosmetics Online have the Xmas range online, everything but the Multiple in Malaysia – a gold deep bronze. ARGGGHHH! I know!  There is also the Orgasm Nail Polish too. I have my eye on the two solo shadows, the super orgasm blusher and the multiple, when it’s out.  I won’t buy it online though, I’d rather go to my local Nars counter and get my girl Leena to do a look with […]

Integrate shadow


Integrate are a Japanese brand from Shiseido, who famously got the Queen B herself, Angelina to be their spokeslady. For me Integrate is a bit of a damp sqib; some of the products are nice like the Aqua Dress Rouge lipsticks but the eyeshadow palettes so far have been really poor; poor texture, poor pigment.  So Integrate is not a brand I usually look at. Then comes the new quads.  I knew something fishy was […]

Paul & Joe Disney Collection in the US


Remember when we all died over the Paul & Joe Disney collection and cried when we couldn’t get our hands on it? Well you lucky US ladies will be getting a second chance to buy it this November. Mmmm it still makes me smile after all this time. Here’s the info: Face Color B:  for a soft and subtle shimmer, highlight cheeks with Face Color B infused with Paul & Joe’s signature Secret D’or for […]

RMK Night Recovery Gel


As soon as I sniffed the super zingy orangey scent of RMK’s new Night Recovery Gel I knew I had to have it. The gel is light textured, smells great and has small white capsules inside that burst and have a thicker cream inside.  RMK say: Your intensive skincare begins while you sleep. An overnight treatment that moisturizes with the mix of juicy gel base and soothing capsules. Its sealing effect enwraps your skin with […]

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