Cutest Beauty Storage, EVER!


So after my threading experience that left me in tears (see post below) I spotted this absolutely perfect pink, curvy, OTT storage drawers in a discount kitchen shop. I’d spotten them ages about but the price tag was well over £100. This one was a ex-display and was….£45! I had a closer look and everything […]

Eyelash Perm & Threading Experience!


So I decided that it was time to go for a second round of threading today and also throw in my first professional eyelash perm (not one done by my cack handed boyf with a DIY kit). I went to a new salon that was local to me – cost a bit more but its […]

Ooh Ahh! Amazon free shipping for £5

I’m so pathetic I was delirously happy when I heard that Amazon UK we’re reducing the super saver delivery (free) threshold from £15 to £5!!!! How EASY is it to spend £5 on Amazon. My wish list is full of books and bits that cost around £8, because I tend to wait til there’s something […]

Paul & Joe Mail Order at Fenwick

I have been salivating over the Paul & Joe Christmas Collection since it came out on the 1st Oct. Some collections I’ve loved and left, like the Bobbi Brown stuff. But the Paul & Joe, I know I could sacrifice some other purchases for. I don’t know why Paul & Joe still feels very luxurious […]

Bliss Problem Salved 20 in 1 Wonder Balm


You know me, I like something that does everything. So when I saw the Bliss Problem Salved Wonder Balm, I knew this was going to be my first foray into Bliss. Have you seen the prices? Ouch! Anyway this is what this wonder balm can do: This 20-in-1 wonder balm is a one-stick quick fix […]

Regret, regret


So my hair was jet black.  Not a bit black, not a natural black.  The black that is so black its blue. Black drains your skin.  It brings out the shadows, the grey bits, the creases. And for 2 days everytime I looked into the mirror I saw a Megan Fox esque stripper…but more than […]

Oooh Aahhh Beauty Discovery

I’ve made a rather cool beauty disovery, that’s making me so excited its giving my judders. However you will have to wait a little bit for me to share as I want to check it out properly and do a proper review/guide (for once.) Stay tuned! its truly beauty-tastic!

Damn you, Angelina


I’m by no means an Angelina lover (or hater) but I found myself drooling like the brangeloonies… She is really beautiful isn’t she?  Mandy agrees thinks so too… So since I tend to do things on a whim and without any logical cause or acceptance of the consequences,I slapped on some dark brown hair dye […]

Megan has a haircut!

Megan, star of YouTube has a haircut.  Never mind the cut check out how much she looks like a Jedi.

Esprique Precious Collection


Esprique Precious is not normally a brand that turns my head – its on the pricer end of the Japanese beauty lines (by pricey I mean £15-£20 for a palette which isn’t pricey per se, but its more than say Kate, Lavshuca, SANA et al.) Something about the new collection was calling me, ya know? […]

I don’t even know why I’m entering because I probably can’t use the winning voucher if I’m on this side of the pond – nevertheless, massage a cat lady’s ego!: Give me a 10 for Cutest Pet She’s seriously the sweetest thing ever, she’s wayyyyyyy better behaved then Megan.

Look away now

I don’t have anything against Katie Holmes – I think Suri Cruise is the cutest celeb kid around, and I think that if you want to PAY to join a “religion” then that’s fine. But seriously I didn’t know where to look when I saw this video. It’s like watching Winnie The Pooh doing a […]

MAC Manish!


I survived Fafi, I even survived Heatherette.  After missing out on that, I knew that I could resist any MAC attack.  But then it happened.  Manish Aurora happened. It’s bright, its OTT, its totally fabulous. The packaging is gorgeous! Look! its orange! Devil blush – a true bright tangerine with some shimmer.  I love this […]

Friday Offers & Thangs

Debenhams has a beauty offer on at the moment – if you buy online, 2 beauty items you get 10% off. If you buy instore you get a £5 voucher, presumably to buy a pinto bean with. No, no, I’m just being ungrateful. Debenhams has reasonable beauty counter staff that never know what they hell […]

Nars Night Series Eyeshadows


Looking for some super sparkle fun in the dark winter nights? I am! Nars Night Life Series of Eyeshadows contain a million, trillion sparkles. It’s one of my favourite things from Nars to collect. There are 9 shades so far (I think there will be two more come Christmas 2008, in a gold and silver). […]

eBay Haul – Nars Ginger and Grapefruit Gel and Lotion


So I got some Nars Shower Gel (no more lush soaps) and loton off ebay for around £20. Nice, nice. It smells very…sweet…so far but I think it will grow on me. Nars says: A stimulating scent that captures the provocativeness of dusk, this soft orange gel blends the sparkling essence of grapefruit and cassis […]

YSL Rouge Volupte Update


After my previous dabble with YSL Rouge Volupte, I decided to have a little dabble in 2 other shades of pink. But before I get into that I have to confirm that – 1. The case is gorgeous and it matched the lipstick 2. It smells nice 3. The texture is smooth, creamy and gorgeous […]

MAC Manish and frequent web crashes and discount


the title makes no grammatical sense, but who cares? MAC launched Manish and yes, its HOT. What happens to the website? Chug chug chug chug. MAC should know better and accomodate for when new ranges are launched. Is that so hard? So it took me an excruciating hour to get things sorted of course. See? […]

Wet ‘n’ Wild Halloween Offer


Ooh I like Halloween, but a. It’s not quite so big in the UK and b. The women where I live look like witches anyway For those of you who like to dress up and have nothing better to do, Wet ‘n’ Wild have a 20% offer: The look: Foundation: Extremely pale. We want you […]

Hugh & Holly are no more


So word on the street says that Hugh dirty old man Hefner has dumped his favourite gold digger, Holly Madison. Or it might have been the other way around? Rumours has it that Holly was/is sleeping with Criss Angel *belch*. From : Good Plastic I always had a horrid feeling Hef would give her […]

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