Art Deco Autumn Collection

Art Deco is a lovely brand, excellent value and good quality. The boyf did something useful that didn’t involve eating and went down to the local salon to pick up the Art Deco Autumn/Winter eyeshadows. The model is stunning! The turquoise is nothing like on the picture, it is not so vivid. URBAN CHIC is […]

Coffee = Fried Egg Boobies


If you like Starbucks and am a ‘A’ cup, look away now. Ever the source of fair and balanced reporting, the Daily Mail reports today that women’s boobies can shrink if the lady is drinking 3 cups of coffee or more.  Says some scientist that got a D at science college: ‘Drinking coffee can have […]

American Apparel Circle Scarf


I’m not crazy in love with American Apparel, especially as its expensive in the UK, but I got this email and now I want – no NEED the circle scarf: £21 and comes in 16 colours. Now who am I kidding – as much as I want Mint or Lavender, good old Black, Brown, Olive […]

Beauty Blender

Finally, finally I have managed to get my hands on a beauty blender. This pink coloured butt plug shaped sponge is supposed to help blend in anything and everything.  Well, ok, foundation. Here’s what they say: How Blend your way to a flawless face! Seeing make up is the first sign of an amateur application. […]

Beauty Tool Week!


Make up brushes…check Make up sponges…check Eyelash curlers…check But you know I have been on a discovery of new, whacky and rather cool beauty tools. Next week will be beauty tool week, with one item reviewed per day. As a teaser, here are some of the items…can you guess what they are for? A few […]

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers


I have no idea why I bought these blushers, other than the fact that I like the squeezy tubes they come in.  It’s art baby, I’m an artist. I love cream/liquid shadows and blushers but I can’t think of one liquid blush I like.  Too sheer most of the time, not a nice enough range […]

Anna Sui Waterproof Eye Pencils


I got a thing for eye pencils. The latest that caught my eye were Anna Sui’s newish waterproof range; Very pretty, in the Anna Sui way.  I choose 900 – Olive Green, 200- Violet and 500 – Brown. The Olive green is stunning – just stunning.  It almost touches black but still looks like a […]

Truffle Shuffle Update

So I got my package from Truffle Shuffle – the shipping was fast and efficient BUT – The pink hoodie I got had black stains down the arm. I know! Back it goes, but what a pain in the bum.  The yellow hoodie, at a whopping £40 was very thin and flimsy – back it […]

Nars Christmas Collection Online!


UK Ladies!  Nars Cosmetics Online have the Xmas range online, everything but the Multiple in Malaysia – a gold deep bronze. ARGGGHHH! I know!  There is also the Orgasm Nail Polish too. I have my eye on the two solo shadows, the super orgasm blusher and the multiple, when it’s out.  I won’t buy it […]

Integrate shadow


Integrate are a Japanese brand from Shiseido, who famously got the Queen B herself, Angelina to be their spokeslady. For me Integrate is a bit of a damp sqib; some of the products are nice like the Aqua Dress Rouge lipsticks but the eyeshadow palettes so far have been really poor; poor texture, poor pigment.  […]

Paul & Joe Disney Collection in the US


Remember when we all died over the Paul & Joe Disney collection and cried when we couldn’t get our hands on it? Well you lucky US ladies will be getting a second chance to buy it this November. Mmmm it still makes me smile after all this time. Here’s the info: Face Color B:  for […]

RMK Night Recovery Gel


As soon as I sniffed the super zingy orangey scent of RMK’s new Night Recovery Gel I knew I had to have it. The gel is light textured, smells great and has small white capsules inside that burst and have a thicker cream inside.  RMK say: Your intensive skincare begins while you sleep. An overnight […]

Book Review: Eye Candy


You can never have too many make up books, right? Sometimes there isn’t much that is new to discover in Make Up books but it’s always nice to see some nice pics and get some ideas. I got this book, Eye Candy by Linda Mason from Amazon for £6. Its a small book that is […]

Why me?!?!?!?


Or perhaps the question is why NOT me? Anyway there are a few things that make my blood run cold. These include: The face of Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud sans Make Up Liver dishes. Who the hell eats liver? When I was at school this was a regular dish, and back then dinnerladies could […]

Revlon Custom Creations Foundation


Jessica Alba has just assaulted my TV, showing off her new Revlon Foundation, Custom Creations which has a dial that lets you choose a colour. I haven’t looked for this foundation in the shops yet but since they are advertising it, it should be out… It’s $13.99 so I am guessing it will be around […]

Art Deco Near Me!


I was completely surprised to find German brand Art Deco near me at my local salon! The brand has some good quality mini eyeshadows and the primer for me, is better than Urban Decay because its non drying. From what I remembered, the shadows were about £6 each and the primer was the same. The […]

Truffle Shuffle


I’ve discovered a lil shop called Truffle Shuffle that sells retro (well not true retro) items, – t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, a few bags. The range isn’t massive but there’s some really cool things that caught my eye, being an 80s child. I bought a barbie t-shirt – Yuk, Paris Hilton wore it. Still I think […]

But I only wanted Tweezers!


Popped into the shops today for some tweezers since my beloved Shu’s have gone AWOL. I got these little tweezerman ones for £12: I had a quick look at the Bliss stall and decided some other items were in order.  I am not at all impressed with their lame online customer service so I thought […]

Disgust doesn’t even describe it.


Soooooo I’ve just watched the first episode of the US Kath and Kim.  It’s soooooooooooooooooo bad.  It’s so baaaddddddd.  I don’t get it.  Can anyone who is American and watched it tell me if they get it?  Is it true to any facet of American culture?  The original Kath & Kim which I love dearly, […]

Paul & Joe Christmas Haul


There’s some collections you see that just give you judders – Paul & Joe’s was one of them. My haulage arrived and I haven’t been SO excited for a long time. The shoe box: These are the free gifts I got – a set of three matching bags:

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