Exchange Rate Woes


Made a purchase today (some NYX lippies). Check out the rate! All my UK ladies are crying with me! Plus Paypal always make and extra £££ with their dodgy exchange rate. Why are they allowed to do this? Using XE, $33 came to £21, on paypal I paid close to £24. What is unfair is […]

Front Cover Eye Kit half price at Boots

There’s a new brand called Front Cover at boots – their £30 eye palette is half price this week at £15: It looks pretty dapper but I despise cardboard cases, especially bulky boxy ones *shudders*. It gets chewed by the kitties, it isn’t resistant to water, it’s bulky, it’s ugly – NO. For that reason […]

Demeter Fragrance Library


I noticed Demeter Fragrances years back but never bothered with them untill recently.  I remember back then they had scents like Fresh Water, Rain and Dirt. They now have tons of extremely tempting scents. They are colognes, and are supposed to capture the true “essence” of each scent.  There’s over 200 scents, so lots to […]

Three Network – a pile of rubbish!


Another one of those ranty posts – I can’t believe how crap the 3 customer services are! 3 are a relatively new phone/internet network who make fairly eyecatching adverts but have barely any customers because although they have good deals, everyone I know with a 3 phone always moans about how it always cuts out […]

Day 2: Face Roller


Day 2 of beauty tools. The funny roller is a face, cheek, neck and chin roller. This face roller has three wheels which helps circulation, massage and smoothen muscles. So it says. There’s three rollers to this one; you can roll on the cheeks and chin at the same time but you can also detach […]

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