Art Deco Autumn Collection

Art Deco is a lovely brand, excellent value and good quality. The boyf did something useful that didn’t involve eating and went down to the local salon to pick up the Art Deco Autumn/Winter eyeshadows. The model is stunning! The turquoise is nothing like on the picture, it is not so vivid. URBAN CHIC is the new ARTDECO Fashion Colors collection for the Fall/Winter 2008/09. Smoky petrol and sensual shades of berry supply the new […]

Coffee = Fried Egg Boobies


If you like Starbucks and am a ‘A’ cup, look away now. Ever the source of fair and balanced reporting, the Daily Mail reports today that women’s boobies can shrink if the lady is drinking 3 cups of coffee or more.  Says some scientist that got a D at science college: ‘Drinking coffee can have a major effect on breast size,’ said Helena Jernstroem, a lecturer in experimental oncology at Lund University in Sweden. ‘Coffee-drinking […]

American Apparel Circle Scarf


I’m not crazy in love with American Apparel, especially as its expensive in the UK, but I got this email and now I want – no NEED the circle scarf: £21 and comes in 16 colours. Now who am I kidding – as much as I want Mint or Lavender, good old Black, Brown, Olive and Slate are probably the most versatile. I am particuraly in love with the Caplet style. You like?!

Beauty Blender

Finally, finally I have managed to get my hands on a beauty blender. This pink coloured butt plug shaped sponge is supposed to help blend in anything and everything.  Well, ok, foundation. Here’s what they say: How Blend your way to a flawless face! Seeing make up is the first sign of an amateur application. Beautyblender was created without edges in order to eliminate visible lines and streaks. So go ahead, experiment fearlessly with your […]

Beauty Tool Week!


Make up brushes…check Make up sponges…check Eyelash curlers…check But you know I have been on a discovery of new, whacky and rather cool beauty tools. Next week will be beauty tool week, with one item reviewed per day. As a teaser, here are some of the items…can you guess what they are for? A few of them inflict pain…? Guesses in the comments please!

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