RMK Night Recovery Gel


As soon as I sniffed the super zingy orangey scent of RMK’s new Night Recovery Gel I knew I had to have it. The gel is light textured, smells great and has small white capsules inside that burst and have a thicker cream inside.  RMK say: Your intensive skincare begins while you sleep. An overnight treatment that moisturizes with the mix of juicy gel base and soothing capsules. Its sealing effect enwraps your skin with […]

Book Review: Eye Candy


You can never have too many make up books, right? Sometimes there isn’t much that is new to discover in Make Up books but it’s always nice to see some nice pics and get some ideas. I got this book, Eye Candy by Linda Mason from Amazon for £6. Its a small book that is softbound  50 random looks for £6? Bargain. The book is split into futher catergories; Flirtatious, Funky, Glam, Hot etc.  Apparently […]

Why me?!?!?!?


Or perhaps the question is why NOT me? Anyway there are a few things that make my blood run cold. These include: The face of Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud sans Make Up Liver dishes. Who the hell eats liver? When I was at school this was a regular dish, and back then dinnerladies could force you to eat all your dinner, so I used to chew it then spit it out into some tissue, […]

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