Revlon Custom Creations Foundation


Jessica Alba has just assaulted my TV, showing off her new Revlon Foundation, Custom Creations which has a dial that lets you choose a colour. I haven’t looked for this foundation in the shops yet but since they are advertising it, it should be out… It’s $13.99 so I am guessing it will be around £13 in the UK. You choose a base colour of – Fair/Light, Light, Light/Medium, Medium, Medium/Deep and Deep. It reminds […]

Art Deco Near Me!


I was completely surprised to find German brand Art Deco near me at my local salon! The brand has some good quality mini eyeshadows and the primer for me, is better than Urban Decay because its non drying. From what I remembered, the shadows were about £6 each and the primer was the same. The new range is this: I’ve seen the turquoise and it is NOT as vivid in real life but it’s still […]

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