I don’t even know why I’m entering because I probably can’t use the winning voucher if I’m on this side of the pond – nevertheless, massage a cat lady’s ego!: Give me a 10 for Cutest Pet She’s seriously the sweetest thing ever, she’s wayyyyyyy better behaved then Megan.


Look away now

I don’t have anything against Katie Holmes – I think Suri Cruise is the cutest celeb kid around, and I think that if you want to PAY to join a “religion” then that’s fine. But seriously I didn’t know where to look when I saw this video. It’s like watching Winnie The Pooh doing a […]

MAC Manish!


I survived Fafi, I even survived Heatherette.  After missing out on that, I knew that I could resist any MAC attack.  But then it happened.  Manish Aurora happened. It’s bright, its OTT, its totally fabulous. The packaging is gorgeous! Look! its orange! Devil blush – a true bright tangerine with some shimmer.  I love this […]

Friday Offers & Thangs

Debenhams has a beauty offer on at the moment – if you buy online, 2 beauty items you get 10% off. If you buy instore you get a £5 voucher, presumably to buy a pinto bean with. No, no, I’m just being ungrateful. Debenhams has reasonable beauty counter staff that never know what they hell […]

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