eBay Haul – Nars Ginger and Grapefruit Gel and Lotion


So I got some Nars Shower Gel (no more lush soaps) and loton off ebay for around £20. Nice, nice. It smells very…sweet…so far but I think it will grow on me. Nars says: A stimulating scent that captures the provocativeness of dusk, this soft orange gel blends the sparkling essence of grapefruit and cassis with the romantic floral aromas of sweet peony and violet flower. An invigorating sensory experience for the mind and body, […]

YSL Rouge Volupte Update


After my previous dabble with YSL Rouge Volupte, I decided to have a little dabble in 2 other shades of pink. But before I get into that I have to confirm that – 1. The case is gorgeous and it matched the lipstick 2. It smells nice 3. The texture is smooth, creamy and gorgeous 4. The pigmentation is high and the colour is true. Yet…I have my doubts…. On with the lippies – Remember […]

MAC Manish and frequent web crashes and discount


the title makes no grammatical sense, but who cares? MAC launched Manish and yes, its HOT. What happens to the website? Chug chug chug chug. MAC should know better and accomodate for when new ranges are launched. Is that so hard? So it took me an excruciating hour to get things sorted of course. See? I’m not a total MAC hater. I do respect new designs and ideas its just when MAC get a load […]

Wet ‘n’ Wild Halloween Offer


Ooh I like Halloween, but a. It’s not quite so big in the UK and b. The women where I live look like witches anyway For those of you who like to dress up and have nothing better to do, Wet ‘n’ Wild have a 20% offer: The look: Foundation: Extremely pale. We want you to look as if you have never stepped out into the sunlight… Try Ultimate Minerals Powder foundation in light where […]

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