Kevin B – Chinese Make Up Book


I love all make up books, apart from the ones from the 80s with bad spiral perms and bushy brows.  I love looking at Chinese language make up books – the emphasis is on LOOK since I can’t read Chinese. My latest find is Kevin B’s Make up book split into a day/skincare guide and a make up guide. Kevin’s work seem creative and of a high standard. I like make up books to have […]

Paul & Joe perfect for Christmas!


Paul & Joe’s Christmas collection has got me running round in circles.  It’s STUNNING. I love Paul & Joe’s eye gloss completely. They have been reformulated – can you IMAGINE?! I am even loving the look of the red lipsticks, and the eye pencils.  The loose powders I don’t know – I have around 60 MAC pigments, do I use them? Nada. Enjoy – You can strangle me now, because I’m mentioned Christmas in October.  […]

Nars Christmas Collection


I know I’m slow.  Nars will be releasing the Crimbo goodies come Christmas.  As well as this I’ve had a tip off that there will soon be a lorra new multiple colours and new liquid eyeliners with a build in brush. Christmas is about sparkles! Glitter!  Red lipstick! Gluttony! Crackers! Nars rarely does Limited Editions and none of this so need to sell your mother to buy these goodies as soon as they come out. […]

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