Day 5: Hair Remover Coil Stick Thing


This springy stick thing is a hair remover: All you have to do is curl the ends over so it looks like a U shape then run it against the hairy area. It isn’t recommended for eyebrows but is for moustaches. Fact – it didn’t work on my moustache or anyone elses (female that is) because the hair is way too fine to be pulled out. You need chunky hair for this. I tried it […]

Nars Make Over with the Winter Collection


The Nars counter is LETHAL when it’s new collection time, I tell ya! I went along for my make over with my favourite make up artist, Leena. We used quite a few different things so I’ll try and remember everything. Damn I need to stop eating bread and stilton. Anyway…. No Primer – Leena forgot primer! I have to rib her about this, but she told me it’s because I talk too much so it’s […]

A scent to die for


I mentioned before that there’s a smell that is utterly divine, which floats from my local Nars counter. For years I’ve been smelling it, sniffing my clothes and cosmetic boxes to get a whiff and up untill recently I thought it was the Nars Monoi Oil. But it’s not. The Monoi is sure nice, but it smells like…well, monoi. Like Hawaii and Coconuts. Went to Nars today for a make over (Zereen you bad bad […]

Jonathan Ross, give your wages to the soap stars


…because they can’t dress for sh*t. The National TV awards are the biggest waste of time, and no I didn’t watch it, I watched the fungal infection on my toe grow instead.  It’s voted for by the public, which is even worse because as has been proved, the public don’t know anything. The type of people who vote for these things are generally old, or very young, lonley and care far too refer to Bruce […]

Bloom Lipgloss in Tangerine


I mentioned a few days ago that I was desperate for a vanilla scented gloss from Bloom – and it is mine! I love the scent – it’s a warm vanilla very comforting. The colour is a beautiful orangey peach. Is it a Autumn shade? Nah – but who cares! It’s lovely! I also really like the applicator head – its just round and there’s just something about it that is really nice to use […]

Day 4: Hair Curler


Day 4 – our tool is a hair roller!: The idea is that your roll is down the centre then push the bottom over and it seals the hair in. So you don’t need any clips to secure it and its better than velcro rollers as they stay in a lot better, although that’s not demonstrated with my cack handed application – (Megan went all ANTM (America’s next top model) on me with this one) […]

Ettusais Eye Cream Shadow


These Ettusais cream eyeshadows have been around forever, but at the moment they are on offer at ADAMBEAUTY.COM under specials so I bought 3 that were still in stock: God I love cream eyeshadows. It wasn’t always like this of course; in the old days when I first got cream eyeshadow from the likes of No. 17 and Maybelline it was crease city. Yak. Not so with most (not all) cream shadows of the Japanese […]

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