Clinique Make Up Brush Cleaner


I have a few different ways of cleaning my make up brushes. I have a Paula Dorf brush shampoo with is lathery, but hard to wash out. Its good for a deep clean but impractical for the amount of brushes I have – it takes too long. I use Isopropyl Alcohol a lot but this can be drying is used all the time. Its quick though, sanitary and dries fast. Everytime I do a brush […]

Clinique Bonus Time Sept 2008 at Selfridges


Clinique have one of the worst counters out there for a. Unhelpful staff b. Er…unhelpful staff? But they do have some excellent bonus time offers and a few gems, like their Blemish Gel. The latest offer at Selfridges is worth a mention as it comes with a super snazzy little bag: They say: Your other Bonus Treats include: · Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent · 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-off Formula · Up- Lighting Liquid Illuminator […]

Sunday Shop: RMK Beige Lip Gloss & Lipstick


RMK 80s colour collection is really nice.  Reeaaallllyyy niceee. I apoligize for the rubbish photos.  Today I picked up: RMK Gloss in 32 which a super sparkly gold-nude.  I also have 34 a rose-brown which is a stunner – the texture is non sticky and very flattering. Its a super shimmery beige, and its the colour the model wears on the main promotional ad: I would say its less orangey toned in real life and […]

Shop Review – Space NK


Space NK Apothecary is an upmarket beauty and skincare store in the UK.  So why don’t I live there?  There are two stores in my city, easily accessible, yet I rarely step foot in the store – in fact its my last choice of shop to buy my goodies. Here are some reasons why; Note – This is a real Apothecary. When I was a teen, Space NK was one of those stores I used […]

Light Pink YSL Lipstick disaster!


So there I was digging my new YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick – it does have the most pigmented dreamy texture okay? The colour in question is a soft, baby pink, the kind I thought would be rocking with a smokey eye. I did a smokey eye with Nars Kyoto Pencil (oh how I love) and star sailor (wasn’t bothered about it, now love it). I applied it and as we were in the car in […]

New! Man Friday

Ziegfeld Theatre

Now every Friday will be a Man Friday.  A fine specimen of a man will be celebrated once a week (but I may run out by, oooh week 3). This week the man is…. Liam Neeson.  No, not this one – That’s Ralph Fiennes, the pervy one who sleeps with random air hostesses and can’t keep it in his pants. This is Liam Neeson – Liam is in an EXCELLENT new film called Taken where […]

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink


You know how there’s some things that just make you go, Cor! Like; Errr, wait bad photo…like… and… Something else made me go Cor! It was YSL’s new Rouge Volupte Lipstick. The case is just STUN. NING. This is what they say about it: The cream texture becomes fluid on contact with the lips, for a delightful feeling and an exceptional gliding effect. A nutri-protective vegetal complex takes care of nourishes your lips, keeping them […]

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