Light Pink YSL Lipstick disaster!


So there I was digging my new YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick – it does have the most pigmented dreamy texture okay? The colour in question is a soft, baby pink, the kind I thought would be rocking with a smokey eye. I did a smokey eye with Nars Kyoto Pencil (oh how I love) and […]

New! Man Friday

Ziegfeld Theatre

Now every Friday will be a Man Friday.  A fine specimen of a man will be celebrated once a week (but I may run out by, oooh week 3). This week the man is…. Liam Neeson.  No, not this one – That’s Ralph Fiennes, the pervy one who sleeps with random air hostesses and can’t […]

Kitty Fun on Friday


Random pics for fun; No kitties were harmed during the making of these shots. What can I say – they’re camera whores!

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink


You know how there’s some things that just make you go, Cor! Like; Errr, wait bad photo…like… and… Something else made me go Cor! It was YSL’s new Rouge Volupte Lipstick. The case is just STUN. NING. This is what they say about it: The cream texture becomes fluid on contact with the lips, for […]

Paul & Joe Sweetie Pallette 02


I spotted a bargain at – the Paul & Joe Sweetie palette reduced to £12.  (Before I carry on I dislike Asos intensely for their crap returns policy and the immense possiblities their clothes come in.  I do look cos I like the styling of their outfits and they have nice accessories). So ASOS […]

Nars Make Over with Uzo


I went along to the Nars Selfridges event today, with the Make Up Artist Uzo. Uzo is one of Nars’s international artists, and has worked with all the stars… A very charming and nice lady who exuded confidence…the other Nars guys and gals were clearly in awe. Anyway, I sat my bum down in the […]

SANA Soy Nameraka Honpo Moisturizing Lotion


I just liked the idea of this SANA Soy moisturiser – made with the goodness of Soya Beans! This is a mild moisturizing lotion with the following major ingredients, it helps make your skin moist, soft & smooth. Major Ingredients 1. Soybean Isoflavone – moisturize your skin effectively and regain its elasticity 2. Soybean Extracts […]

Philosophy Make Up Optional Kit


I have never used Philosophy skincare before, although I love the little messages they have on front of their packaging. It always seemed like quite a wholesome brand tome so I was keen to take this Make Up Optional Kit home. For a rate of £56, you get four full size products: 8 ounce purity […]

Aube Haul (Coil Mascara & Lipstick) etc.


I had a little dabble in Esprique’s new base and some Aube products today. Aube is brand that I always seem to purchase and 85% I’m not that happy with the goods.  I have the other Aube Mascaras and they do nothing for me – too much lash floppage. This is the new comb – […]

Neem & Indian Hair Care Products


I bought some Indian hair products off ebay – lots of Indian women have natural, gorgeous healthy hair right? I bought a selection of oils for my sensitive scalp. Light hair oil: I’m disappointed that this is not a spray but I can easily transfer the product to a spray bottle (well no really because […]

Giorgio Armani Lip Wax, Bobbi Brown Mauve & Clear Last Eye Primer


Random haulings of the week…it’s been a busy one but are are some beauty snippets – Bobbi Brown Mauve: I like the BB raspberry palette very much and this mauve is nice too – although I’m not sure why I need such a huge pan of blush…my face isn’t that big….anyway, the lip colours are […]

New SANA goodies!


SANA is one of those brands from Japan that isn’t clearly defined; they remind me of Benefit in many ways, in that they have a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a dabble in mascaras, a dabble in base products. I love SANA though. I always have fun trying out their new […]

Hidden Gem: Integrate Shiseido Long and Volume Mascaras


I have a box, called the BNIBB. The Brand New In Box Box. It’s where I keep all my new packaged goods that I haven’t had the chance to use or been able to bring myself to use yet like… Limited edition Majolica Majorca Mascaras…. The whole MAC barbie collection…… The Disney Paul & Joe […]

Help Ladies!

I’ve been saying for a long time I will finally organise the haul hopefully, it will be a useful swatch for people.  I’m torn between photographing everything separately or in groups? ie. all Nars blushers together.  Or would you prefer everything separate? Once I get started I’ll try and do everything in one go (yes, […]

Lola Golightly Kit – the absolute all in one!


When I spotted this Lola Golightly Kit I went into spams. Lazy.  Girls.  Dream. Never tried Lola before this but always thought the packaging was cute.  At £24.99 this kit is an All in One – I have lots of palettes that cater for the eye, for the eye and cheek, for the eye cheek […]

Shu Uemura Instinct Collection


Recently, though I have liked what Shu has to offer, I haven’t loved it. Infact the last few collections over the last year have been hit and miss; too dull, too hard, too chalky. I was ready to pass on the Instinct Collection too but then….I found out one side was a cream eyeshadow! I […]

Naturtint Hair Dyes


I have had a very itchy, sore scalp for a while. Whilst I am always looking for new treatments for it; creams, oils, shampoos, conditioners, I still like to have a bit of colour in it. Generally I have salon highlights and since this dye doesn’t touch my scalp, its fine. However, I’ve grown tired […]

Keira Knightly has the best pout…


…and I have the best spelling skills in the world. According to a Blistex survey, people would most like Keira’s lips, no Angelina’s trout pout. Lips…hmm…smile….yeuch. Keria shouldn’t smile, really. She instantly looks like a vampire when she opens her mouth…. Who does have nice lips? I think Donatella Versace has lovely, thick lips…I kid, […]

WordPress Problems….


…can’t log in…..seems to be ok though. New posts galore coming right up!

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