Make Up Bag, the Tardis!


Every now and then I feel the need to change make up bags. I always look for something not too big, not to small, expandable, washable, cute…. So I found this: Its not tooooo big *by make up junkie standards But look what I can get in it! 1. Jill Stuart Powder Foundation 2. Armarni Bronze Ochre Palette 3. Pixi Blush in Peach 4. Nars Lipstick in Senorita 5. RMK Lipstick in 21 6. Lunasol […]

SANA Make Essence Concealer Update

Quite a few ladies have asked me where you can buy this cute concealer – I have asked Kelly at Ichi and you can now buy it for $15.50 here. It only comes in one shade (please see previous post) and is a mellow banana cream shade. It works on my skin (NC35, so fairly olive) so I think it will work anyone fairer and possibly a little darker too. Tell me what you think […]

Buying from Ebay – when is NEW, new?


I gave up selling on Ebay the day that I got a £180 fee for selling relatively few items, and then I was told I wasn’t allowed to leave negative or neutral feedback for buyers.  Sure, some buyers are great.  But some are vindictive too.  Instead I use it for buying and rarely selling and let me tell you, its much easier on the buying end (except you have to pay, of course!). Now, with […]

I hate Primark

Yes I do. Incase you don’t know what Primark is, its a cheap budget fashion store in the UK.  It used to be naff as hell, but fair play, it now produces a lot of on trend fashion with a quick turnaround and lots and lots of choice.  As a result it is ALWAYS busy.  Example: Chill out ladies, its only clothes. Anyway, when Primark first opened in my town, I loved it – I […]

Nars Makeover; Skin Tips etc.


For no reason other than boredom, I went to my Nars counter the other day for a make over. I have been eyeing up Blade Runner for ages…a dark forest green with a copper. My SA, Leena at Nars is amazing. She smells nice too (Nars Monoi Oil I’m told – its expensive – £42 (!!!!) for some Monoi oil?! BUT, I have compared it to similar items on the market, pure Monoi oil, Hei […]

SANA Extra Thick Liquid Eyeliner


SANA has a rather nifty eyeliner, which gives you thick a thick liner a la Amy Winehouse- The brush resembles a slightly flattened Calligraphy brush. For that reason it does give a thicker line but it depends very much on how you hold it.  Just use the tip and you will have a thin line. Hold it flat on the wide angle and you will get a thicker line. It gives a very true shade […]

SANA Make Essence Concealer


Ok, ok I admit it.  I wanted this product badly because there’s a sleepy bear on the front. SANA is a Japanese brand with some real gems in its collection. This is one of them – oh yes. I’ve tried quite a few random dark circle goods from Japan; and I disliked most of them.  A good undereye concealer should be brightening but ot racooney, moisturizing and not drying, not cakey, not fake looking, and […]

Perfect Peach! Nars Barbarella Lipstick


So Angelina looks divine in this photo, no? her lips look perfect and I have been lusting after a similar look and my favourite artist (weirdly enough) gives me peach lips when I was thinking peach in my head! More of that makeover soon. But I have found the most perfect peach: It’s hot.  Isn’t it? It’s HOT. You know it.  I know it.  Its HOT. Will use it for a look shortly.  But ooh […]

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