SANA Make Essence Concealer


Ok, ok I admit it.  I wanted this product badly because there’s a sleepy bear on the front. SANA is a Japanese brand with some real gems in its collection. This is one of them – oh yes. I’ve tried quite a few random dark circle goods from Japan; and I disliked most of them.  […]

Perfect Peach! Nars Barbarella Lipstick


So Angelina looks divine in this photo, no? her lips look perfect and I have been lusting after a similar look and my favourite artist (weirdly enough) gives me peach lips when I was thinking peach in my head! More of that makeover soon. But I have found the most perfect peach: It’s hot.  Isn’t […]

Clinique Make Up Brush Cleaner


I have a few different ways of cleaning my make up brushes. I have a Paula Dorf brush shampoo with is lathery, but hard to wash out. Its good for a deep clean but impractical for the amount of brushes I have – it takes too long. I use Isopropyl Alcohol a lot but this […]

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