Aube Haul (Coil Mascara & Lipstick) etc.


I had a little dabble in Esprique’s new base and some Aube products today. Aube is brand that I always seem to purchase and 85% I’m not that happy with the goods.  I have the other Aube Mascaras and they do nothing for me – too much lash floppage. This is the new comb – […]

Neem & Indian Hair Care Products


I bought some Indian hair products off ebay – lots of Indian women have natural, gorgeous healthy hair right? I bought a selection of oils for my sensitive scalp. Light hair oil: I’m disappointed that this is not a spray but I can easily transfer the product to a spray bottle (well no really because […]

Giorgio Armani Lip Wax, Bobbi Brown Mauve & Clear Last Eye Primer


Random haulings of the week…it’s been a busy one but are are some beauty snippets – Bobbi Brown Mauve: I like the BB raspberry palette very much and this mauve is nice too – although I’m not sure why I need such a huge pan of blush…my face isn’t that big….anyway, the lip colours are […]

New SANA goodies!


SANA is one of those brands from Japan that isn’t clearly defined; they remind me of Benefit in many ways, in that they have a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a dabble in mascaras, a dabble in base products. I love SANA though. I always have fun trying out their new […]

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