Lola Golightly Kit – the absolute all in one!


When I spotted this Lola Golightly Kit I went into spams. Lazy.  Girls.  Dream. Never tried Lola before this but always thought the packaging was cute.  At £24.99 this kit is an All in One – I have lots of palettes that cater for the eye, for the eye and cheek, for the eye cheek and lip, but for the eye, cheek, lips, lashes?  That, I don’t have. This palette has: 10 Lipsticks , 1 […]

Shu Uemura Instinct Collection


Recently, though I have liked what Shu has to offer, I haven’t loved it. Infact the last few collections over the last year have been hit and miss; too dull, too hard, too chalky. I was ready to pass on the Instinct Collection too but then….I found out one side was a cream eyeshadow! I love cream eyeshadow! So onwards we go: Tantilizer is very nice – the website says its: Brilliant shades of green […]

Naturtint Hair Dyes


I have had a very itchy, sore scalp for a while. Whilst I am always looking for new treatments for it; creams, oils, shampoos, conditioners, I still like to have a bit of colour in it. Generally I have salon highlights and since this dye doesn’t touch my scalp, its fine. However, I’ve grown tired of the Jessica Alba light hair on dark skin look. I want some depth, goddammit. Now, I remember when I […]

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