Nigella Lawson should measure stuff properly

UPDATE: The boyfriend has insisted that I cover his earlier cock up by announcing that he is now Heston Blumenthal. Nigella’s Recipe is: 100g Caster Sugar 4 Tablespoons of Golden Syrup 1 and half tsp Bicarbonate of Soda Boyf says 2 tsp of soda and 2 tablespoons of syrup works better and indeed, I am eating some very light, crispy, tasty cinder toffee (hokey pokey). I must also add that this is third attempt. So […]

HQ Hair are crap, crap, crap

Because shopping online isn’t stressful enough, HQ Hair makes it much worse.  Despite the fact it is a pretty large company with a strong online presence, HQ Hair has never, ever ever ever had outstanding – or even good customer service. Well I am seriously annoyed this time.  I have been waiting and waiting for Nars Blade Runner Duo.  Silly me, I ordered it from them because there was absolutely no indication on the site […]

24 Brow Tattoo


I have naturally dark fairly full brows that don’t need penciling in. Feeling left out and wanting some free scissors I purchased K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 24h Limited Set from Ichibankao: 24 Hours! Free scissors! Cool! The pen is not refillable or clickable – it looks just like a felt tip and it is very very light: Subtle right? It comes in 2 shades, 01 Natural Brown (light brown) and 02 Crash Brown (darker). At […]

Chanel Gold 2008 Collection


I love Gold. I love Gold. Unless its a Gold tooth. Or a Gold Digger. Or Gold Jewellery. Then I’m more of a platinum girl myself. Otherwise, I love Gold! Chanel’s little gold collection features 2 new nail polishes, eyeliner, some new lipsticks and 3 new lipglosses and a highlighter. I already have buyers regret with these goods. I think it’s because whilst the products look glam and nice there wasn’t an instant rush to […]

Why, J Lo, why?


Jenny from the block – why do you have so little taste? Why? That ugly lipstick! That mouth! She is now my least favourite celebrity mouth – yes, she goes above Keira Knightly. And this – I know, its nothing new but – WHY!? Don’t they look in the mirror? Of course she looks 100% like a blow up doll. She’s hideous! Hideous!

Stupid QVC

Or is it stupid me? In the email I got I said the first show was at 12, 2, 4… I presumed it meant PM. But no it was AM. Please, pray, do tell, who is stupid enough to watch a QVC show at 2am, 4am on a Sunday Morning! I woke up at 12 ready to watch the show only to find out there was only one Smashbox show at 4pm left….nevermind, perhaps it […]

Smashbox on QVC UK Sunday 28th September 2008

Everytime, like a sucker, I buy the Smashbox special value kit – SUCKER. Because I only ever like 2/10 items. Still I was excited to see the email from QVC as this time, the special value contains the Halo Powder which is a whopping £36 quid on its own – I am guessing the special value will be around that price. Guessing from the US QVC site this is what I think will be in […]

Man Friday: Wentworth Miller


Prison Break is one of the worst shows in terms of dialogue, plot and acting in the WORLD after Hollyoaks.  But there is a reedeming light in the show and he is called Wentworth Miller. Who the hell is called Wentworth anyway?  It doesn’t matter when you look like this: Wentworth has the right mix between thuggish good looks and intelligence.  Oh and sensitivity. He was born in England (me too!) and has a mum […]

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