Man Beauty – Update


Man Eyeliner is not enough, now we have false lashes for men!: Thoughts? Personally, I’ve never met a boy who didn’t already have thick, lush lashes…secondly – applying fake lashes is no easy task. A guy who can sit there for fifteen mins gluing lashes on probably will be – a. Stealing your good tweezers […]

Rohto Eye Drops


I’ve been testing some Rohto Eye Drops in 40a Vitamin and 40a Cool – no idea what that means, but it comes in a snazzy bottle: I have weepy, sore, tired eyes all the time, so I was hoping there would work…

Friday Night Outing: Chinese Acrobatic Swan Lake


“I’m taking you out on Friday” says the boyf “Cooooooolllllllll” says me. A restaurant, I think, with lots of food, the the Cinema to watch Christian Bale Batman The Dark Night? “We’re going to see Swan Lake!” Ballet?! Oh brother. The last time we saw a ballet together was at College during music class, when […]

Adambeauty Store Update


Adambeauty can be quiet for weeks and weeks and weeks with no goddies, then suddenly – BOOM! You got new Majolica Majorca, New KATE, Visse, MAQUillage, Lavshuca and C’offret D’or. Unfortunately I am on a no buy exercise – seriously, in my previous life I would have added on in every colour without abandon – […]

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