Man Beauty – Update


Man Eyeliner is not enough, now we have false lashes for men!: Thoughts? Personally, I’ve never met a boy who didn’t already have thick, lush lashes…secondly – applying fake lashes…

Rohto Eye Drops


I’ve been testing some Rohto Eye Drops in 40a Vitamin and 40a Cool – no idea what that means, but it comes in a snazzy bottle: I have weepy, sore,…

Friday Night Outing: Chinese Acrobatic Swan Lake


“I’m taking you out on Friday” says the boyf “Cooooooolllllllll” says me. A restaurant, I think, with lots of food, the the Cinema to watch Christian Bale Batman The Dark…

Adambeauty Store Update


Adambeauty can be quiet for weeks and weeks and weeks with no goddies, then suddenly – BOOM! You got new Majolica Majorca, New KATE, Visse, MAQUillage, Lavshuca and C’offret D’or….

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