Low exchange rate woes…


There was a time when sterling was so strong we could buy with abandon – there was even a time when the rate was so strong that even Paypal, who always seems to charge you an extra quid or two, was giving me exactly 1:1 on the US dollar. Alas the £ is at an all time low. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous palette: It should be around £26 for the foundation, the case […]

Nars? I’m sure its Givenchy!


What an interesting fake! Its a Givenchy-esqye palette disguised as a Nars: Item number: 160272893119. At first I thought the seller might now know its a fake but he says he can “source other colours”. Aye aye aye. Compare and contrast:

Nars 2008 Collection


Popped by the local Nars counter to look at the new collection. Its very nice – all smokey browns, gold, all extremely flattering. However I was more enticed by a lovely selection of limited edition goodies. The Black eyes set (£44): Includes full sized items – Persepolis Eyeshadow Due, Mascara in Black, Eyeliner in Black, Eye Make Up Remover. From the set, Persepolis, a sheer shimmery white and matte black:

Olympics Opening Ceremony


Did cha see it? Did you love it? It was on at a totally impractical hour, when I was at work…boo hoo! Anyway, boyfy has downloaded the opening with TVB (Hong Kong’s tv channel) which is a million times better than the BBC coverage. Damn you BBC! And I’m forced to pay £136 a year?! I really enjoyed the opening anyway. I am thinking what my beloved London will come up with for 2012. Brits […]

Cleansing Oils


Cleansing is such a pain in the butt – maybe some of you enjoy it. Because I use things like primers, super waterproof mascaras and creamy blushers, I need something that will take it off! take it all off! I was introduced to cleansing oils by Shu Uemura. The first time I ever had it tested on my hand, I remember thinking YUK! I’m not putting oil on my skin! Alas, my friend on the […]

Phyto Hydrating Shampoo


Throwing away a pile of magazines, my cousin helpfully tore out all the sample sachets for me. I’m not one for using sachets. Too fiddly trying to open them, you always need scissors handy then they go everywhere (but that’s problably just me…) Had three sachets of Phytojoba Shampoo, which is a moisturising one in a creamy white liquid. They Say:

Keira Knightley Jumps Ship


Apparently Keira Knightley no longer keeps in touch with Sienna Miller. I thought those two douches loved each other after making that terrible film, The Edge of Love. Is Keira being genuine or is she disassociating herself after Sienna’s recent dabblings? What do you do when a friend is behaving like a psycho or a skank? Stick by them or ditch them? I say run, run for the hills!

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