Olympics Opening Ceremony


Did cha see it? Did you love it? It was on at a totally impractical hour, when I was at work…boo hoo! Anyway, boyfy has downloaded the opening with TVB (Hong Kong’s tv channel) which is a million times better than the BBC coverage. Damn you BBC! And I’m forced to pay £136 a year?! […]

Cleansing Oils


Cleansing is such a pain in the butt – maybe some of you enjoy it. Because I use things like primers, super waterproof mascaras and creamy blushers, I need something that will take it off! take it all off! I was introduced to cleansing oils by Shu Uemura. The first time I ever had it […]

Phyto Hydrating Shampoo


Throwing away a pile of magazines, my cousin helpfully tore out all the sample sachets for me. I’m not one for using sachets. Too fiddly trying to open them, you always need scissors handy then they go everywhere (but that’s problably just me…) Had three sachets of Phytojoba Shampoo, which is a moisturising one in […]

Keira Knightley Jumps Ship


Apparently Keira Knightley no longer keeps in touch with Sienna Miller. I thought those two douches loved each other after making that terrible film, The Edge of Love. Is Keira being genuine or is she disassociating herself after Sienna’s recent dabblings? What do you do when a friend is behaving like a psycho or a […]

Shiseido Lip Gloss & Liner


First experience with Shiseido Lip Gloss and Lip Liner…and its been good. There’s something so classic about Shiseido products – refined, simple, understated. Apricot Nectar is a pink-peach (more pink than peach) and Sepia on Ice liner is a brown nude. Sepia on ice is on special offer at

Fake Fishing: Nars Palettes on Ebay


I’ve reported these palettes tons of times but as usual, EBay is too busy counting its profits to do anything about ILLEGAL COUNTERFEIT goods being sold. Look at those hideous sponge tipped applicators. Look at the non flattering colour schemes. How could it ever be a Nars?! Not only would you be spending on a […]

C’offret Dor Combient Rouge


I love my little make up bag…well, medium sized make up bag, the one I carry round with me. Tis a dialemma to decide what to put in to sometimes. I want products that are quick and easy to apply; I want sticks and wants, cream formulas so I don’t have to carry many brushes. […]

I love American Apparel….in the UK


My first real experience with American Apparel has been a success. You know what mail order clothing is like – if its good, its great, when its bad returning things is not fun. I love the simplicity and easy to wear-ness of the clothing. I’m not crazy for the high prices for very simple wear, […]

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or – Gold Shimmer Oil


After lemming Nars Body Glow which is a crazy price at £72. For that price I want pure gold in it. I want the spleen of dragons and farts of fairies included. The secret is the scent and goodness of Monoi oil – it pulls me away to a holiday destination – heavenly. Nuxe Hiile […]

Shu Uemura Beauty Tools


Shu uemura make some of the best beauty tools out there – not just the brushes (oh, Kolinsky brush, how I love thee), but actually tools. Like man tools, but better…



Yeah baby! So you think you get all the best stuff in the US? Well….you do. But still look what I got my mitts on! My own Clarisonic Pink Face Brush!

Clinique High Impact Lipstick & Liner PLUS Bonus Time


That was the longest title ever, no? Clinique have brought out their new High Impact Lipsticks in the UK and Boots have Bonus Time! I’m not one for Clinique, because I think most of their staff are a little on the snotty side, and their range is not that creative. Lipstick – Pure Posh, Lipliner […]



Remember Stylophones? No neither do I. But I picked one up on a whim for the boyf’s grandads birthday – he is an accomplished pianist….and I get him….one of these:

Bad Beauty; Evil Passport Photos

I was flicking through my passport the other day when I realised that it was soon to be out of date! Noooo! I may not have any travels planned but still, one needs a valid up to date passport incase: 1. I win a holiday 2. I get whisked away by Christian Bale 3. I […]


A reader, Quynh, corrected my spelling of the Silvara Blackhead remover – is Silara. Sorry. But as you all know, my vision is failing and chunks of glitter scratching my cornea isn’t helping. Direct link the the Ebay seller I buy it from here. It does itch, ok don’t say I didn’t warn you, but […]

Clearlast Face Powder, High Coverage


As the weather rises (and shall rapidly fall again – no doubt about that) I realised I was beginning to look like a sweaty betty. I don’t love face powders at all – most look cakey on me, so I was looking for something with good coverage yet light with staying power. Then I found […]

Sony CP Blackhead Off Stick


I mentioned this product a week ago – I had the mild version for a while and gave up on it after a few days – I just couldn’t see a difference. But in the spirit of actually trying to clear up my skin properly, I whipped the luminous green tube out from the crapola […]

Megan is back!

She’s bigger, with pierced ears ‘an all. Might be a bit quiet so turn it up! * I seem to have clipped the bit when she says Hello..but I am sure you can get the general jist!

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