Not a wimp!


So I went anyway – butterflies in the tummy ‘an all. It wasn’t bad – well it was bad, but it was bearable. The upperlip – ouch! The lady told me the upperlip is the worst “so lets start there” and it did feel like someone had a very sharp fork and was poking me in the face in it…but it was fine. Damn, I almost enjoyed the pain. Brows are a breeze if you […]



So this was supposed to be a post all about how I went and had my first threading experience – brows and upperlip you see. I have never had my brows done professionally before because I don’t trust people. I don’t trust over eager beauticians anyway. But you know at some point you got to let go. So a few hours before my appointment, I start to read up on threading especially the upperlip. Then […]

Suqqu me!


I have been waiting forever for my Suqqu’s to arrive – a friend of mine, great friend but terribly unreliable was supposed to hand them over…about 7 months ago. Instead she got on a plane to China to teach English. Anyway her bro kindly dropped of a lovely bag full of goodies for me yesterday and inside were the long awaited Suqqu’s! My first impressions were – how sturdy it is, how heavy. I’ve been […]

Pretty Pretty Albion Moisture Chiffon Base & LE Case


Possibly the prettiest compact I have EVER owned – Albion Moisture Chiffon’s LE case is a deep purple with gems and a stunning design on the front.  So beautiful I don’t want to use it – but then what would be the point of having it? The base itself I have heard is the top selling powder foundation in Japan. I have never tried anything else by Albion and this base was not cheap (cost […]

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