Chanel Exceptional Smoky Eyes Quad and Mascara 2008


After playing the the Lancome Oscillating Rotating Vibrating Mascara I was not impressed. £29.50 smackers – that is a lot, for a mascara that shudders like a limp vibrator. It doesn’t help with application! It made me squint and squirm, if that counts. Rubbish mascara’s aside, I was very impressed to find the Chanel Exceptional Mascara, £19.50. There are six head and the brushes combined are supposed to add volume and length. Apply the mascara […]

Clarins Jazzy Collection


Clarins Fall collection, Jazzy was released today in the UK. I am not usually one for Clarins but this is a really nice collection: Its the flapper look you see. There’s a new range of lippies, a translucent powder, limited edition plum mascara, limited edition blue liquid liner, a black kohl pencil that looks like it doubles as a ear pick and two new quads. Now the two quads are really eyecatching. The SA grabbed […]

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