Beauty Hazards


Ever thought of how pesky being a beauty addict really is? How many potential hazardous make up actually is. Note: Not my eye, do not have nightmares. Went for my annual eye check up. Its one of those lazy things that some people do; in the UK cos everything is soooo expensive (don’t get me […]

Low exchange rate woes…


There was a time when sterling was so strong we could buy with abandon – there was even a time when the rate was so strong that even Paypal, who always seems to charge you an extra quid or two, was giving me exactly 1:1 on the US dollar. Alas the £ is at an […]

Nars? I’m sure its Givenchy!


What an interesting fake! Its a Givenchy-esqye palette disguised as a Nars: Item number: 160272893119. At first I thought the seller might now know its a fake but he says he can “source other colours”. Aye aye aye. Compare and contrast:

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