Fake Fishing: Nars Palettes on Ebay


I’ve reported these palettes tons of times but as usual, EBay is too busy counting its profits to do anything about ILLEGAL COUNTERFEIT goods being sold. Look at those hideous sponge tipped applicators. Look at the non flattering colour schemes. How could it ever be a Nars?! Not only would you be spending on a […]

C’offret Dor Combient Rouge


I love my little make up bag…well, medium sized make up bag, the one I carry round with me. Tis a dialemma to decide what to put in to sometimes. I want products that are quick and easy to apply; I want sticks and wants, cream formulas so I don’t have to carry many brushes. […]

I love American Apparel….in the UK


My first real experience with American Apparel has been a success. You know what mail order clothing is like – if its good, its great, when its bad returning things is not fun. I love the simplicity and easy to wear-ness of the clothing. I’m not crazy for the high prices for very simple wear, […]

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Or – Gold Shimmer Oil


After lemming Nars Body Glow which is a crazy price at £72. For that price I want pure gold in it. I want the spleen of dragons and farts of fairies included. The secret is the scent and goodness of Monoi oil – it pulls me away to a holiday destination – heavenly. Nuxe Hiile […]

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