What love looks like


Have you got the Friday feeling? I have! Although I am working all weekend, tis ok. That’s right, this is one of those random posts… So I was thinking, after Bale what other man is worthy? Wentworth Miller? Thankgod for growing up, eh? Then I started thinking about Paul Newman….rumours has it that he is […]

Japanese Hair Styles


I am still quite old school when it comes to getting my hair cut…whilst I trust my hairdresser 100%, I still love the ritual of finding and cutting (or printing these days) a photograph of a nice hair cut or colour I’ve found. There’s a fair assortment of these kinds of magazines in the UK, […]

Kath & Kim US? So wrong!


For making me live thorough 10 years of the awfulness that is Neighbours and Home & Away, every. single. day. of. my. life. after school, the Australians with have come up with a funny and clever series, Kath & Kim. So Wiki says: Kath & Kim stars Jane Turner as Kath Day-Knight, a cheerful 50-something […]

Not a wimp!


So I went anyway – butterflies in the tummy ‘an all. It wasn’t bad – well it was bad, but it was bearable. The upperlip – ouch! The lady told me the upperlip is the worst “so lets start there” and it did feel like someone had a very sharp fork and was poking me […]



So this was supposed to be a post all about how I went and had my first threading experience – brows and upperlip you see. I have never had my brows done professionally before because I don’t trust people. I don’t trust over eager beauticians anyway. But you know at some point you got to […]

Suqqu me!


I have been waiting forever for my Suqqu’s to arrive – a friend of mine, great friend but terribly unreliable was supposed to hand them over…about 7 months ago. Instead she got on a plane to China to teach English. Anyway her bro kindly dropped of a lovely bag full of goodies for me yesterday […]

Pretty Pretty Albion Moisture Chiffon Base & LE Case


Possibly the prettiest compact I have EVER owned – Albion Moisture Chiffon’s LE case is a deep purple with gems and a stunning design on the front.  So beautiful I don’t want to use it – but then what would be the point of having it? The base itself I have heard is the top […]

Second by second Olympic handover coverage


Sooooo my worst nightmare, Boris Johnson has appeared, JACKET OPEN. You can’t miss him and his big fat gut because he’s the ONLY MAN on the stage with his white shirt popping out. He can’t wave a flag properly either. *cringe*. You only have yourself to blame London, you thought it would be funny voting […]

New Category: Morons of the week


I didn’t want to add this category, I was left with no choice after watching Cheryl I can’t sing Coleenon the X-factor. This crazy woman walks into the auditions, a gob like the abyss, a cold gaze coming from her eyes. She didn’t want to be a club/party singer anymore. She works for one of […]

Lavshuca Powder Foundation


I am a fan of liquid foundations over powder, since I hate the dry cakey look – but Japanese powder foundations covered with a base normally do a pretty damn good job. I saw the Lavshuca combo and decided to give it a go! I also tried the matching base, but it is just a […]

Visee Glam Hunter – Shades of Beige on a Saturday


A little package arrived for me from Adambeauty today – in 2 days! How amazing is that? Even though there is a typhoon in Hong Kong my make up still arrives perfectly in time and in perfect condition! Part of my order was some of the lip products from the Visee Autumn collection. A lot […]

Nars Kabuki Artisan Brushes


The Japanese do everything better, don’t they. Any country that can invent this: Deserves to be names the best country in the world! Anyway, it so happens that Nars has a range of sleek black brushes named the Kabuki Artisan Brushes. There are 4 brushes in the range – I owned all 4 but gave […]

Chanel Exceptional Smoky Eyes Quad and Mascara 2008


After playing the the Lancome Oscillating Rotating Vibrating Mascara I was not impressed. £29.50 smackers – that is a lot, for a mascara that shudders like a limp vibrator. It doesn’t help with application! It made me squint and squirm, if that counts. Rubbish mascara’s aside, I was very impressed to find the Chanel Exceptional […]

Clarins Jazzy Collection


Clarins Fall collection, Jazzy was released today in the UK. I am not usually one for Clarins but this is a really nice collection: Its the flapper look you see. There’s a new range of lippies, a translucent powder, limited edition plum mascara, limited edition blue liquid liner, a black kohl pencil that looks like […]

Beauty Hazards


Ever thought of how pesky being a beauty addict really is? How many potential hazardous make up actually is. Note: Not my eye, do not have nightmares. Went for my annual eye check up. Its one of those lazy things that some people do; in the UK cos everything is soooo expensive (don’t get me […]

Low exchange rate woes…


There was a time when sterling was so strong we could buy with abandon – there was even a time when the rate was so strong that even Paypal, who always seems to charge you an extra quid or two, was giving me exactly 1:1 on the US dollar. Alas the £ is at an […]

Nars? I’m sure its Givenchy!


What an interesting fake! Its a Givenchy-esqye palette disguised as a Nars: Item number: 160272893119. At first I thought the seller might now know its a fake but he says he can “source other colours”. Aye aye aye. Compare and contrast:

Nars 2008 Collection


Popped by the local Nars counter to look at the new collection. Its very nice – all smokey browns, gold, all extremely flattering. However I was more enticed by a lovely selection of limited edition goodies. The Black eyes set (£44): Includes full sized items – Persepolis Eyeshadow Due, Mascara in Black, Eyeliner in Black, […]

Best swimwear for the summer

Green is the colour, isn’t it? Especially lime, a bright, neon looks perfect with tans for the summer. Man, woman, not children. I think I have found the perfect multi use swimwear here. And only £5!

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