Hello and welcome to Cosmetic-Candy.com This blog is a new, improved continuation of my Mostly Makeup Blog – why a new location?  I just wanted more control and a new look too! Hopefully you will have fun having a browse around.  There is a About Me section, a rants page (well, this is me we’re talking about), and lots of other interesting things in development.  There will also be a Shop section for the pigment […]

Testing, tester

Do you know what’s really annyoing? Being in a rush, grabbing something then finding someone had used it as a tester. This has happened to me recently with: 1) Hair wax. Big finger well, where someone had scraped some out. Do you really need to test hair wax? Maybe its a consistency issue. But this is Shockwaves, darling, not Bumble and Bumble so you don’t get a tester. 2) Hair creme – strands of hair […]

Haul & How the hell are you?

Happy July People! Tis been a while since I did a proper post, but you know, I have had a huge list of things to take care of and no broadband connection so I have had to use an extremely slowwwww dial up mobile dongle thing. (Work has been nuts – home keeping, so many projects, looking after the felines, being snotty all the time…) The man in the shop said it would last three […]

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