Headteacher says no to fake tan, yes to drugs


I made up the bit about the drugs, by the way. That high quality rag, The Daily Mail is reporting that a Headteacher has issued letters asking her pupils to not go to school with too much fake tan. “Carol Robinson, the head of Baines School, a mixed comprehensive in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, wrote in her letter to mums and dads, “The current trend for fake/spray tans does little to enhance the appearance of our young […]

Bobbi Brown Cocoa Mauve Collection


Bobbi, oh Bobbi, it must be my old age, but I am suddenly finding your muted tones, flattering shades and subtle shimmer more appealing. Black Pearl Lip Gloss looks incredible – alas not released in the UK yet but it sure looks pretty. Cocoa Mauve a LE set consisting of a full size eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, gel liner and nifty bag is a preview to the Autumn collections…

Shu Uemura Birthday Boutique Palettes


I’m slow, I’m slow, but my local Shu counter as been a little lame of late and is not getting the goods as quickly as I’d like. The Shu Uemura special palettes are usually moderate to lame. It kills me to say it, because Shu is the first brand that I really loved, and its the reason I collect make up today.

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