10p Face Masks & 88 Colour Palettes & FOTD


So I am bitter and resentful that you girls Stateside get all the coolest bargains, where as in the UK we are always paying top buck for everything and not even getting decent customer service either. Anyway there’s a bargain store we have here called – er, Home Bargains. Oh the shame, the shame. I […]

A man in make up – because sharing bathrooms isn’t enough.


Men wearing eyeliner is nothing new surely? Famous men, that is. Men in rock bands, actors, the extremely good looking and of course the emo/grunge/punk students who want to look alternative at college, before going to University to study accounting and become good members of society, like Mum told them to. Superdrug, the store that […]

Nars Blusher Haul & Korean Lioele


The temperature here has been rising, so people are in better moods and generally enjoying the sun. The fake tan brigade has been out in force and the men are showing off their red lobster sun burns off, and the women are wearing strappy dresses sans a bra. Two words ladies – strapless bra. Or […]

Everyday Minerals – Your Opinion?

So I bought some things from the old Everyday Minerals website a year ok – it was ok, but I never have grown to love powder mineral make up. Made another order at the beginning of June, but it still hasn’t arrived – nearly 2 months in. They have a new website now – send […]

Blackhead Solutions


For us girls with an oily* T-Zone, blackheads can be the BAIN of our lives. There are tons of solutions out there, most notably nose strips, extractors, steamers and good old fingernails! Blackheads are the result of excess oils that accumulate in our sebaceous glands. The excess oil gets occluded in the pores resulting in […]

You don’t need to steal, just ask!

A lovely Ebayer (who must have amazing memory) sent me a message today saying that she recognized one of my RMK pics on someone’s listing on the Bay. I went to check and sure enough, it had been nicely cropped so that the watermarking was gone! How cheeky I thought, whilst being aghast at the […]

Good Boyfriend Alert


Well, maybe someone is feeling threatened by my recent obsession with Christian Bale. After mentioning how much I love him (Bale that is) and the Bobbi Brown Gel Liners, homeboy returned with some colours for me…

Headteacher says no to fake tan, yes to drugs


I made up the bit about the drugs, by the way. That high quality rag, The Daily Mail is reporting that a Headteacher has issued letters asking her pupils to not go to school with too much fake tan. “Carol Robinson, the head of Baines School, a mixed comprehensive in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, wrote in her […]

Bobbi Brown Cocoa Mauve Collection


Bobbi, oh Bobbi, it must be my old age, but I am suddenly finding your muted tones, flattering shades and subtle shimmer more appealing. Black Pearl Lip Gloss looks incredible – alas not released in the UK yet but it sure looks pretty. Cocoa Mauve a LE set consisting of a full size eyeshadow, lipstick, […]

Shu Uemura Birthday Boutique Palettes


I’m slow, I’m slow, but my local Shu counter as been a little lame of late and is not getting the goods as quickly as I’d like. The Shu Uemura special palettes are usually moderate to lame. It kills me to say it, because Shu is the first brand that I really loved, and its […]

Coming up in July…

Shu Uemura Birthday Boutique Palette Review – and their Mini Lash Curler Bobbi Brown Coco Mauve Limited Edition Set More NARS Blushers! Fashion Bargains from Urban Outfitters UK Has Sonia Rykiel made the perfect nude lipstick? Finally – how to get those Megan Fox lips!

A few little problems….


…with comments, and subscribing. Error. Codes. Every. Where. And there I was thinking I was the most unpopular girl in the world…(please, no rebuttal). Will have it sorted shortly, please do not be put off…

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric & Ochra 2008 Palette


So there I was, innocently walking through my favourite store in the world, selfridges, enjoying my new found discipline – i.e. ‘No Buy’ and what flashes before me? A new counter ladies. Not just any new counter. Not just another Lancome, Clinique or Chanel. All on its own, on a sleek, black space complete with […]

Aube Gel & Shine Eyes


Aube recently released Gel & Shine Eyes as part of their Summer 2008 collection. This limited edition range has six cream shadows with an interesting feature on the top – the silver bauble unscrews to reveal a shimmer powder. Additionally there are six matching double ended eye pencils, one side a glitter highlighter, the other […]


New location alert. Not tons up yet, but come over and visit me on my new space…HERE!


Hello and welcome to Cosmetic-Candy.com This blog is a new, improved continuation of my Mostly Makeup Blog – why a new location?  I just wanted more control and a new look too! Hopefully you will have fun having a browse around.  There is a About Me section, a rants page (well, this is me we’re […]

Testing, tester

Do you know what’s really annyoing? Being in a rush, grabbing something then finding someone had used it as a tester. This has happened to me recently with: 1) Hair wax. Big finger well, where someone had scraped some out. Do you really need to test hair wax? Maybe its a consistency issue. But this […]

Haul & How the hell are you?

Happy July People! Tis been a while since I did a proper post, but you know, I have had a huge list of things to take care of and no broadband connection so I have had to use an extremely slowwwww dial up mobile dongle thing. (Work has been nuts – home keeping, so many […]

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