10p Face Masks & 88 Colour Palettes & FOTD


So I am bitter and resentful that you girls Stateside get all the coolest bargains, where as in the UK we are always paying top buck for everything and not even getting decent customer service either. Anyway there’s a bargain store we have here called – er, Home Bargains. Oh the shame, the shame. I scour the shop for cheap bits and bobs – and I spotted these face masks for 10p each!: Hey, cheaper […]

A man in make up – because sharing bathrooms isn’t enough.


Men wearing eyeliner is nothing new surely? Famous men, that is. Men in rock bands, actors, the extremely good looking and of course the emo/grunge/punk students who want to look alternative at college, before going to University to study accounting and become good members of society, like Mum told them to. Superdrug, the store that can’t keep shelves tidy have launched the guy liner…because its injected with testosterone and body hair which makes it different […]

Nars Blusher Haul & Korean Lioele


The temperature here has been rising, so people are in better moods and generally enjoying the sun. The fake tan brigade has been out in force and the men are showing off their red lobster sun burns off, and the women are wearing strappy dresses sans a bra. Two words ladies – strapless bra. Or clear bra straps. Anything but two wobbly melons accosting me whilst I am innocently trying to browse for indigestion tablets.

Everyday Minerals – Your Opinion?

So I bought some things from the old Everyday Minerals website a year ok – it was ok, but I never have grown to love powder mineral make up. Made another order at the beginning of June, but it still hasn’t arrived – nearly 2 months in. They have a new website now – send many many emails but no response. Urk! Anyone knows if Everyday Minerals have any alternative ways of contact? How do […]

Blackhead Solutions


For us girls with an oily* T-Zone, blackheads can be the BAIN of our lives. There are tons of solutions out there, most notably nose strips, extractors, steamers and good old fingernails! Blackheads are the result of excess oils that accumulate in our sebaceous glands. The excess oil gets occluded in the pores resulting in a ball of accumulated oil which when exposed to air, turns black in color. Yukky, huh? Here is my list […]

You don’t need to steal, just ask!

A lovely Ebayer (who must have amazing memory) sent me a message today saying that she recognized one of my RMK pics on someone’s listing on the Bay. I went to check and sure enough, it had been nicely cropped so that the watermarking was gone! How cheeky I thought, whilst being aghast at the prices this person was charging for a basic RMK eyeshadow. I personally hate sticking big ugly watermarks over the centre […]

Good Boyfriend Alert


Well, maybe someone is feeling threatened by my recent obsession with Christian Bale. After mentioning how much I love him (Bale that is) and the Bobbi Brown Gel Liners, homeboy returned with some colours for me…

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