Customising my ASUS EEE 900 Laptop – Blood, Sweat and Tears…

..but luckily not mine. But more on that later. The Asus EEE 900 is 9 Inches of pure lurve. This super compact laptop as everything you need to stay connected – etc. etc. Basically it means I can type anywhere I want and it weighs about the same as a few of my books that […]

How Smash(box)ing!

Remember I got Today’s Special Value for Smashbox! It finally arrived! Here is my favourite look you can create with the box: The model looks gorgeous and glowy but, she clearly has brown liquid liner on. That doesn’t come with the kit does it Smashbox!? Or the mascara she clearly has on! Anyway heres the […]

Clinique Bonus Time and Randomness

I am not a fan of Clinique but I noticed this rather nice GWP from Harvery Nichols, from now untill 21st June. Buy 2 things and get: Buy a third and get: Yes you get a paw. A friend on mine who works on an adjacent counter says that the Clinique girls are the worst […]

Peachy Me!

Aye, I am jumping on the bandwagon! In light of the trend towards Korean brands I picked up this peachy duo – pore minimizing base and powder: Pros: It smells niceThe base really leaves the skin glowy and poreless (nearly)Its a nice texture to useThe packaging is cute Cons: The base turns you white – […]

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