Mmmm I love you….

Bayswater in Emerald. I presume its a LE since the colour is so different – This is my favourite bag and my favourite colour in the world… *sigh* £595 quid….eeek….

Multi Tasking Bag & Film Review – In Bruge

Although I am not a big fan of the LV monogram I did buy this little pouch – why? Its a real multitasker! The Pochette Marelle. I needed a bag for three things. 1) A bum bag type contraption as I am planning to do some car boot sales 2) A smart clutch bag for […]

Haul Haul Haul!

First – let me know – do you like the LV Salina? I normally hate LV but I like the red on this bag!: Yay? Nay? My internet cafe timer is going tick tick tick so I am going to upload pics and dash – forgive me!: Ichibankao order – the Jill Stuart LE stuff: […]

I. Can’t. Stand. It.

Moving home is horrific, horrific I tell you. Took three days without sleep – ok so I used child labour and I didn’t do THAT much but it made me tired just watching people move around. How do we accumulate so much stuff? Never mind the mountains of make up I had to move but […]

Haul Pics

Love Clover Brow Mascara in Brown Moka: Jill Stuart Powder Foundation in Tan: Which is hardly tan… Fasio Gloss in Rose – not pigmented at ALL, but has a lovely wet shimmer anyway: Lunasol Lipstick – Medium Orange: Sheer Pink – Sheer Coral – Neutral Lipliner (lunasol) and Greenish Gray liquid eyeliner: I have no […]

Max Factor Sheer Radiance

Max Factor Sheer Radiance Foundation caught my eye because it was use on one of the model’s on Britain’s Next Top Model (I’m still watching it even though its a farce). Because I am utterly unwilling to spend £11.95 on a Max Factor product, I had to get on on Ebay for £3.99 – the […]


You know the kid that everyone tagged at school, because you know she could never catch anyone? That was me. Anyway – not afraid of my Chinese burn, Yummy411 has tagged me. The cheek! On a Sunday too! 1. What was I doing 10 years ago? I was 16, a teenager, busy eating hot pots […]

Birthdays, and Natural Spritzes for the hair

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUMMY 411!! I hope you are having a fun fun day! And just a quickie – I have been testing out a few hair spritzes (home made) and they have been quite effective. One is for my very dry, sore scalp. It can be very itchy and sore. Some days its drives me […]

Urgh. Clinique

I had posted on Clinique’s Bonus Time a few days ago – I haven’t used their stuff for a long time because their toners and eye make up remover was like splashing acid on my face – anyway, I love the look of the creamy eyeshadows and 8 hour Lipglosses. I went along to my […]

I’ve lost that Friday Feeling….

How I feel today: I’ve had 3 hours sleep. I have 6 days to find a place to live, and pack my stuff up. Oh, NOW buying that lipstick in every colour doesn’t seem like such a great idea. I don’t have time because I work all day and all evenings. However all is not […]

Customising my ASUS EEE 900 Laptop – Blood, Sweat and Tears…

..but luckily not mine. But more on that later. The Asus EEE 900 is 9 Inches of pure lurve. This super compact laptop as everything you need to stay connected – etc. etc. Basically it means I can type anywhere I want and it weighs about the same as a few of my books that […]

How Smash(box)ing!

Remember I got Today’s Special Value for Smashbox! It finally arrived! Here is my favourite look you can create with the box: The model looks gorgeous and glowy but, she clearly has brown liquid liner on. That doesn’t come with the kit does it Smashbox!? Or the mascara she clearly has on! Anyway heres the […]

Clinique Bonus Time and Randomness

I am not a fan of Clinique but I noticed this rather nice GWP from Harvery Nichols, from now untill 21st June. Buy 2 things and get: Buy a third and get: Yes you get a paw. A friend on mine who works on an adjacent counter says that the Clinique girls are the worst […]

Peachy Me!

Aye, I am jumping on the bandwagon! In light of the trend towards Korean brands I picked up this peachy duo – pore minimizing base and powder: Pros: It smells niceThe base really leaves the skin glowy and poreless (nearly)Its a nice texture to useThe packaging is cute Cons: The base turns you white – […]

Latest In Beauty

Latest in is a website based in the UK, where you can sign up and choose a free sample, one in skincare, one cosmetic and one body. It is free to join but costs £1 for post and packing and you pay this through your mobile phone. Here is the box I ordered – […]

SASA or not to SASA?

SASA is a Hong Kong based shop that sells all kinds of wonderful beauty, skincare, haircare goodies and more. The website is a real treasure trove of goodies at low prices – you kind find great beauty tools (really sharp scissors, tweezers, curlers for example) for about £2. However – I filled my basket with […]

Barry M

I went for a forage today at the Barry M counter. Barry M does affordable eyeshadows, polish, lipsticks that are all bright and fun. To be honest the last time I bought anything from him was when I was 18 and had never heard of lid primer (I still have those pigments…somewhere). In the spirit […]

Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder

In my attempt to wash my hair less (I have to wash it everyday normally) I bought some Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder in Brown (£27) (red is pictured). Yes it is extremely expensive. But does it work? Like all dry shampoos, you need to hold it 10-20 inches away and spray it onto your […]

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