Whitney wins and will always love you..

This cycle of ANTM has flown by. I have to say, the American version is superior to the British version, which is a collection of supermarket check out girls, alcoholics and wannabe footballers girlfriends. But more about that later. So Whitney – She got my nerves for the whole series – that mouth! those teeth! She is fakeness defined. She has the All American Smug. She belongs in the pages of playboy or JD Williams. […]

I’ve only got time for a quickie…

…too busy….can’t breathe…. Nevertheless, I was excited to find a little range called Miss Nail Bar. It is a range of nail care products, made by Nails INC which is the grown up, pricy brand. In Superdrug I found a cuticle nail pen for £1.99, top and base coats were £1.49. There were loads of cool useful little products for a bargain price, it still had the cool packaging that is very similar to Nails […]

Laura Gellar Haul Feedback!

So a week or two ago I got suckered in like a sucker to buy not one, not two, but five Laura Geller Sets from QVC. All have arrived and I have had a chance to road test then to see what is worth keeping and what isn’t. Smoke Signals: Surprisingly, I really liked this set a lot. The eyeshadow is soft, the lipstick is a retro nude, the mascara isn’t for me although it […]

Sunday Haulage Porn…

…not actual porn, ok, get with the lingo! I don’t know whats wrong with me. I have started to use terms like Stash, Make Up Porn, Hauls etc. etc. My brain is shrinking, if in fact, it could have shrank anymore. Anyway. What’s better that a load of pictures of new stuff right! Anna Sui Goods – all on offer at Strawberry Net (yes, it finally came). Such pretty packaging, like granny used to buy: […]

Good Lord! Excellent Customer Service!

Its not very often that I think somewhere has great, or even decent customer service. That’s because I always seem to shop where there are annoying, unhelpful, disinterested and damn right rude staff and where the companies have stupid policies. But I do think I have found quite a gem. Now its not quite a make up or fashion company but do bear with me! Lakeland Limited, I think has a bit of a naff […]

Dior Goldfever

Yes ok, I’m slow. So what? Don’t blame me, blame to speed of which we get new collections in the UK! So I have been dying to the Golds palette. I know some of you ladies were complaining that it is far too warm – yes it is, but thankfully it works on my complexion (about a NC35). The shades are lush. Well pigmented and they really really do cover all the best shades of […]

Bobbi Brown Creamy Compact Foundation

If there’s one thing I love for my dry skin, it’s a good creamy compact foundation. The powder ones just don’t work on my skin – I look like I’ve dunked my head in a bowl of flour. I already own – Benefit Foundation Faker (Too sheer)Paul & Joe Moisturising Compact (A bit oily)Shiseido Hydro Compact (Nice but I can’t stand the scent)Shu Uemura Water Perfect (Colour is a bit off, and it doesn’t last)Chanel […]

Another reason to NOT buy from ASOS

Quick mini rant. Know how I was moaning about ASOS? So I promised myself that my order in April, a farce, would be my last, no matter gorgeous the models looked in their rags. I did return one item a pair of Jeans – see I bought them in a Uk 12 – wayyyy to big so I changed them for a Uk 10 – please, I couldn’t even get them past my thighs! So […]

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