I think I know….

Noooo! Raef!!!! No that Mr Earl Grey himself has been kicked out, I have lost all hope. I mean who the hell are we left with? Lucinda – I quite like Lucinda and her weird twisty neck, but she is too negative too whiny. Lee – Urgh can’t stand him – tried to be noble but is actually quite thick and reminds me of a third division football player. Michael – Goes without saying he’s […]

GOSH! Aren’t you lovely!


On my bargain hunt in the awful store that is Superdrug (a drugstore in the UK has terrible service and make up stands full of germinated testers) I took a second look at GOSH, a danish cosmetics company, that had a 3 for 2 offer. I have tried random items from their range before – my friend worked for them – and thought the eyeshadow was meh – the lip range was meh – the […]

Japan Haul – Kiss, Esprique Etc.

I thought I’d quickly show off my latest hauls from Nippon – Kiss Veil Pact Powder – I hate powders but I can’t deny that my face is turning into slime in the summer and this compact is supposed to reduce redness and moisturise. This is shade 03 – Mmmmm this is my favourite thing, EVER. Esprique Precious gel eyeliners, in pink and blue. These are both limited edition for summer – these colours are […]

Sleek Eyeliner & Shadow Palettes

The original palette: Swatch: Matte Chaos Palette: Swatch: Storm Palette: Swatch: All of these palettes are absolutely gorgeous. The colours, especially in STORM and in the Original are wearable and very pigmented and soft. They are far superior to MAC, I tell you. The chaos palette is drier than the other two because it is a largely matte palette. Each palette is £3.99 which is amazing value. Then there are the gel eyeliners. These are […]

I hate Facebook

I’m talking about Facebook. I wish I could wring the neck of the person that first insisted a year ago that I join. ‘Its the best fing, eva!’ they said. One year later and I have learnt (or is it learned? anyway): 1. Facebook eats time like vibrators eat batteries…not that I would know. People tell me these things you know, erm, anyway, people rarely actually spend their time COMMUNICATING with each other. They spend […]

Mmm Lunasol…

I adore Lunasol it must be one of my top three brands. There is a new video up on You Tube – it is in Cantonese so I can understand it but if you don’t, just watch the purdy lady…

Bounce bounce

I was a devotee to Aveda’s Be Curly but for some reason, in this weather it just doesn’t work. I normally just wash and go. My hair just produces a nice loose wave as it is air dried. Not anymore. It looks weighed down and greasy just hours after it has been washed. I couldn’t bring myself to buy another Aveda since it is £16 anyway so I needed a way to control the mop. […]

Stash Focus

I cannot ignore it. I have to sort and organise my entire make up collection in the next few weeks and it will not be an easy task. So whilst I have to do it, I may as well take some pics of everything with the hope that the pictures will help other people with their purchases. So tell me, how would you like to see the photos organised? By make up type? By brand? […]

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