Good Lord! Excellent Customer Service!

Its not very often that I think somewhere has great, or even decent customer service. That’s because I always seem to shop where there are annoying, unhelpful, disinterested and damn right rude staff and where the companies have stupid policies. But I do think I have found quite a gem. Now its not quite a […]

Dior Goldfever

Yes ok, I’m slow. So what? Don’t blame me, blame to speed of which we get new collections in the UK! So I have been dying to the Golds palette. I know some of you ladies were complaining that it is far too warm – yes it is, but thankfully it works on my complexion […]

Bobbi Brown Creamy Compact Foundation

If there’s one thing I love for my dry skin, it’s a good creamy compact foundation. The powder ones just don’t work on my skin – I look like I’ve dunked my head in a bowl of flour. I already own – Benefit Foundation Faker (Too sheer)Paul & Joe Moisturising Compact (A bit oily)Shiseido Hydro […]

Another reason to NOT buy from ASOS

Quick mini rant. Know how I was moaning about ASOS? So I promised myself that my order in April, a farce, would be my last, no matter gorgeous the models looked in their rags. I did return one item a pair of Jeans – see I bought them in a Uk 12 – wayyyy to […]

Laura Gellar Smoke Signals Kit

Shopping at QVC in England is like admitting that you buy your knickers from Netto. People laugh at you openly if you admit you buy stuff from any home shopping network, unless you are – a. Called Ethel or Beryl b. Have always been one of those “queer types” c. Are a known hermit Luckily […]

The Multi Talented Palette!

So in my last post I had bought a £8 Shu Uemura empty palette to put my lip sticks in. This is not the first time. I love the idea of the project, but when it comes to it, I DO NOT, ever, get a lip palette out and carefully apply a lip colour with […]

Shu Cream Eyeshadows

My local Shu counter ain’t as alluring as it used to be – I haven’t been wowed by the brand for a while. Fancy my surprise when I went to have a look at my counter and spotted some new cream eyeshadows! Totally new range they said! There were around 10 shades in total. I […]

Dior Sky Glow & Tropical

Dior sure does do some very pretty palettes. Expensive tho, no? Nevertheless, I prefer the texture and quality of Dior to Chanel anyway. Chanel’s can be gritty where as Dior shadows are like butter… I had to pick up these two palettes from the Iridescent range: Swatch was taken with no base, so the colour […]

Tiffa Lurveeeeeeeeeeee

After my success with the Tiffa Base and Mascara I was in love. So much so, I decided trying out a few more Tiffa Goodies was in order. The haul – Mascara – Volume Pen Eyeliners – x 3 Lip Treatment 2 Lip glosses in Beige and Milky Apricot. Hurrah! Now I can layer my […]

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