GOSH! Aren’t you lovely!


On my bargain hunt in the awful store that is Superdrug (a drugstore in the UK has terrible service and make up stands full of germinated testers) I took a second look at GOSH, a danish cosmetics company, that had a 3 for 2 offer. I have tried random items from their range before – […]

Japan Haul – Kiss, Esprique Etc.

I thought I’d quickly show off my latest hauls from Nippon – Kiss Veil Pact Powder – I hate powders but I can’t deny that my face is turning into slime in the summer and this compact is supposed to reduce redness and moisturise. This is shade 03 – Mmmmm this is my favourite thing, […]

Sleek Eyeliner & Shadow Palettes

The original palette: Swatch: Matte Chaos Palette: Swatch: Storm Palette: Swatch: All of these palettes are absolutely gorgeous. The colours, especially in STORM and in the Original are wearable and very pigmented and soft. They are far superior to MAC, I tell you. The chaos palette is drier than the other two because it is […]

I hate Facebook

I’m talking about Facebook. I wish I could wring the neck of the person that first insisted a year ago that I join. ‘Its the best fing, eva!’ they said. One year later and I have learnt (or is it learned? anyway): 1. Facebook eats time like vibrators eat batteries…not that I would know. People […]

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