Bounce bounce

I was a devotee to Aveda’s Be Curly but for some reason, in this weather it just doesn’t work. I normally just wash and go. My hair just produces a nice loose wave as it is air dried. Not anymore. It looks weighed down and greasy just hours after it has been washed. I couldn’t […]

Stash Focus

I cannot ignore it. I have to sort and organise my entire make up collection in the next few weeks and it will not be an easy task. So whilst I have to do it, I may as well take some pics of everything with the hope that the pictures will help other people with […]

Whitney wins and will always love you..

This cycle of ANTM has flown by. I have to say, the American version is superior to the British version, which is a collection of supermarket check out girls, alcoholics and wannabe footballers girlfriends. But more about that later. So Whitney – She got my nerves for the whole series – that mouth! those teeth! […]

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