Kiss me, I smell of cheese

My intrigue in Koren brands is growing and I’ve decided its time to sort my oily/stupidly try skin out. Skinfood is a Korean brand I have found through – well, Ebay, and their skin care range is supposed to be bootiful – well have you seen a Korean girl with bad skin (don’t answer that, its a hypothetical question). Anyway there was the Black Sesame mask, deep cleansing – I love black sesame: Banana which […]

BNTM Make Up Videos

Ok I found some pretty entertaining make up videos from Britains Next Top Model. Some notes: 1. BNTM is a pile of crap2. The contestants are awful3. Lisa Snowdon is no Tyra Banks4. The make up artist in the videos has a really annoying monotonous voice and wears stupid hats5. It seems to be sponsered by Olay and Max Factor 6. Max Factor is crap I’m not selling it but I did enjoy watching the […]

Ok, it’s not even funny anymore…

Rant rant rant I promise I will stop ranting like a crazy old woman soon but I was bemused to get this message when listing some items on Ebay today: I had to reread it three times to make sure this was real. So now, when you get paid for something you have sold, Paypal, after taking a fat chunk of your profits, will have pleasure in keeping hold of your funds for 21 days […]

Hook, Line, Sinker

Mmmm I have no power when it comes to QVC and their stupid special value sets. For £28 I ended up with this set which includes: Soft Lights in Radiant (10g) and Waterproof Shadow Liner in Smoke (3g), and new colours of Lip Enhancing Gloss in Couture (6ml) and Eye Shadow trio in Glow On (2.25g). There’s also Photo Op Under Eye Brightener (7.1ml), Camera Ready Concealer (2.3g) and Original Photo Finish Foundation Primer (15ml). […]

Sharon Stone lets the botox get to her head

That classy babe, Sharon Stone let rip today on her view of China, Tibet and the Earthquake that has killed 50,000 people so far and counting. She told reporters: “I’m not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don’t think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. “I’ve been concerned about how we should deal with the Olympics, because they are not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who is […]

Ebay changes…

Eek. I warned about this back in Feb but I guess it is really going to happen now! I got an email from The Bay today – Consider it done. Now sellers can’t leave negative Feedback in response to buyers’ Feedback. Well…I can’t say they are entirely wrong. I have avoided leaving neutral or negative feedback at times because I wanted to avoid the conflict. To be honest, I can only think of once where […]

How to say no?!

Ever badly crave an item, but just have a niggly feeling you will ooh at it once then never look at it again? I have that feeling with Benefit’s new Posietint. It is extremely cute though: In the UK it is £22.50 which is expensive considering how tiny the little jar is. This is the pink slightly more opaque version of Benetint, which I think is crapola in a Jar. Benetint also has a million […]

Nars Summer Haul

Being a Nars girl at heart, I was happy to be fleeced by my local counter, especially since my favourite Make Up gal, Leena, was on. (I don’t suppose many of you live in Manchester, England, but if you ever get to go to Nars in Selfridges, ask for Leena cos she knows how to apply make up. She really really does.) Anyway, I picked up some goodies from the collection, Exotica. The colours are […]

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