Shu Uemura Quad

I found this little gem on HK Facial Shop. I already have this limited case (which comes as an empty) from 2007 collections. This one came with four shades already loaded – I tried picking them out but ended up smudging the yellow instead so I will try again when my paws, I mean hands, are less shaky. I have tons of Shu eyeshadows, and I don’t think I have the sunny metallic yellow, or […]

Sobe Botanicals Bright Mineral Pigments & I love Etsy!

I’m not one for loose pigment eyeshadows and things – I don’t have the patience to mix it up with mixing medium and it gets everywhere. But still, I loved the look for this bright set of pigments from Sobe Botanicals from Etsy. The colours are not as bright as they look in the photograph above, I suppose they have a more wearable edge although I was hoping for something extremely bright. The come in […]

MAC A-Mei Palette

Just a bit of eye candy for you – A-Mei for MAC Eyeshadow Palette – I love the size, its very compact- Bold Eyes Palette (LE) * Venus – (LE) * Carbon – Intense black (Matte, Perm) * Freshwater – Bright summersky blue (Veluxe Pearl, Perm) I have always wanted Freshwater, and Carbon is always useful. Venus is a nice beige nude. This is just my cup of tea, I love strong rich colours and […]

Garnier Rollerball Eye & Face Creams

I haven’t used Garnier products, ever since one of their face creams made my face puff up like a….er…puffer fish? But since I am not immune to a bit of flash advertising, I like the look of the GarnierEye Roll On with Caffeine (because I DON’T have enough in my system already). This product is sold out all OVER the place, so the promise of refreshed eyes for lazy people is obviously strong. (The retail […]

Bobbi Brown made my day!

I’ve a bit of a reignited love affair with Bobbi Brown. Yes, yes, I know I was moaning about the nude palette not so long ago, but I have started to think that nudes might be a chic way to go. At the moment I have the raspberry palette in the post and the Nudes at around £27 each, thanks to the wonder that is HK Facial Shop. Then I got a package through the […]

Bourjois Nude Effect Lip Gloss

So I went thought this, ‘I’m not buying expensive make up anymore’ thing, and decided to have a look round my local Superdrug counter. Drawn to Bourjois, I found these lovely lip glosses, Les Nudes and indulged in a few; #33 Brun Poetic#36 Fleur d’oranger poetic#34 Rose Mythic Brun Poetic is a true, cool nude beige, with silver shimmer. Fleur d’oranger is gorgeous, super shimmery brightening orange and Rose Mythic is a cool toned nude […]

The Apprentice: Week 4

The show continues to turn into a pantomime, naturally, and this week I found it hard to concentrate of the show because there was something more interesting to watch (ie. an Ebay item). As expected, the boys team made a mess of the challenge of doing a pub night (they chose Italian food, nice and commercial), and the girls chose Indian/Bollywood night. Matt Lucas and Claire are the two people getting on my nerves a […]

RMK Curl Separate Mascara

Now, now RMK, didn’t L’oreal get told off using false eyelashes and advertising it as the magic of Mascara? I can’t read Chinese so I can’t tell you what the blurb I was sent in the email says, I was just captivated by the photograph. I have tried the RMK W dual ended Mascara before, and like the results, but being waterproof, they were a little crusty when dry and it was hard to get […]

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