L’oreal Chrome Shine Lame Eyeshadow

I don’t think I have ever, in my life bought a Loreal eyeshadow – the packaging is crappy beyond belief, but I did absolutely love the look of this shade: Metal Lame reminded me of a gorgeous discontined shade of eyeshadow by Lancome called Erika F – deep smouldering gunmetal shade, with hints of green, […]

Kill a lemming – Too Faced Galaxy Eyeshadows

So I’m slow, but spotting Too Face’s Galaxy Eyeshadows – gorgeous swirly eyeshadows, black based with swirls of metallic colour gave my shivers. They are £12.00 each here. Not that expensive but buying all four would be a pricer endevour, and besides, to they all really give a holographic swirl? Lets face it, it looks […]

Cosme Decorte, Having Kittens

I have never tried Magie Deco products before but I adore any type of liquid eyeshadow so had to give this range a go: Cosme Decorte Fairy Eyes: Blue: Brown: Purple: Green: The colours come with an unusal flat brush which makes the colours easy to apply in an intense way. They have a lovely, […]

Shu Uemura Quad

I found this little gem on HK Facial Shop. I already have this limited case (which comes as an empty) from 2007 collections. This one came with four shades already loaded – I tried picking them out but ended up smudging the yellow instead so I will try again when my paws, I mean hands, […]

Sobe Botanicals Bright Mineral Pigments & I love Etsy!

I’m not one for loose pigment eyeshadows and things – I don’t have the patience to mix it up with mixing medium and it gets everywhere. But still, I loved the look for this bright set of pigments from Sobe Botanicals from Etsy. The colours are not as bright as they look in the photograph […]

MAC A-Mei Palette

Just a bit of eye candy for you – A-Mei for MAC Eyeshadow Palette – I love the size, its very compact- Bold Eyes Palette (LE) * Venus – (LE) * Carbon – Intense black (Matte, Perm) * Freshwater – Bright summersky blue (Veluxe Pearl, Perm) I have always wanted Freshwater, and Carbon is always […]

Garnier Rollerball Eye & Face Creams

I haven’t used Garnier products, ever since one of their face creams made my face puff up like a….er…puffer fish? But since I am not immune to a bit of flash advertising, I like the look of the GarnierEye Roll On with Caffeine (because I DON’T have enough in my system already). This product is […]

Bobbi Brown made my day!

I’ve a bit of a reignited love affair with Bobbi Brown. Yes, yes, I know I was moaning about the nude palette not so long ago, but I have started to think that nudes might be a chic way to go. At the moment I have the raspberry palette in the post and the Nudes […]

Bourjois Nude Effect Lip Gloss

So I went thought this, ‘I’m not buying expensive make up anymore’ thing, and decided to have a look round my local Superdrug counter. Drawn to Bourjois, I found these lovely lip glosses, Les Nudes and indulged in a few; #33 Brun Poetic#36 Fleur d’oranger poetic#34 Rose Mythic Brun Poetic is a true, cool nude […]

The Apprentice: Week 4

The show continues to turn into a pantomime, naturally, and this week I found it hard to concentrate of the show because there was something more interesting to watch (ie. an Ebay item). As expected, the boys team made a mess of the challenge of doing a pub night (they chose Italian food, nice and […]

RMK Curl Separate Mascara

Now, now RMK, didn’t L’oreal get told off using false eyelashes and advertising it as the magic of Mascara? I can’t read Chinese so I can’t tell you what the blurb I was sent in the email says, I was just captivated by the photograph. I have tried the RMK W dual ended Mascara before, […]

Nars, The Multiple

The Nars Website has some info on the history of The Multiple. It is a multi use product for lips, cheeks and eyes. In 1996 Harper’s Bazaar did a story featuring six of the top makeup artists of the time. The direction for each was to pick their favorite model, pick their favorite look and […]

Bobbi Brown does what she always does

Yes, I’m talking nudes. How is this even interesting or inspiring. Bobbi Brown is all about muted tones! Bobbi Brown does Rainbow, now thats a collection I’d like to see. I purchased the Bobbi Brown Chocolate Palette from Christmas and sold it off having being unable to spoil the surface of the colours. It was […]

The Apprentice: Week 2

I swear I will get back onto the Make Up stuff soon, but I’ve been so busy lately that TV has been snatching me free few minutes and not playing with make up. The Apprentice is completely compelling viewing, if not slightly like a pantomime this year. And the Panto has its villan! Jenny the […]

Paulina Porizkova, shut your pie hole!

…not that she eats any pies, I’m sure. As a big fan on ANTM (I get it a day later than you ladies in the US thanks to the powder of the net) and a big fan on the quiet beauty that is Katarzyna Dolinska. I did like Claire at first, before she turned into […]

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