Korres Lip Butter & Bronzer

Korres is one of those brands that has long escaped my attention, untill last week, in the evilness that is TK MAXX, I noticed a bundle pack, costing £19.99 that had two blushers, two foundations, two lip glosses and a powder. Good Value huh? I’ve found that there’s no point in buying foundation three shades too dark (I won’t wake up early to mix it in with my foundation) and luminous red lipstick will never […]

House of Fraser Sale Day

For UK ladies, (or gents) House of Fraser is having their blue cross day – 25% off for clothes and accessories, 10% for cosmetics. The House of Fraser near me, Kendals, sells a lot of the big brands, MAC, Laura Mercier, Guerlain, Benefit, Aveda, Clinique, Chanel, Clarins etc. etc. etc. Since I have my eyes of Dior’s new Matte Bronzer, I am debating whether walking an extra 5 mins is worth it to save £2.50. […]

You ain’t the only one – shops that think they are ALL DAT!

Yes, that’s right, another one of those Customer Service rants. In the UK we are having a Credit Crunch. Hey, maybe you guys are in yonder are too, but I just know I can’t turn on the TV without hearing those two words, and the whole consumers are tightening their purse strings business. Money is tight. Things are extraordinarily expensive, even the price of bread, and don’t me started on the price of chicken. Even […]

Boots Protect & Perfect ruins my Sunday

So THIS is why Sunday should be a day of rest – because boredom leads to spending and over eating. In case you have never heard of Boots Protect and Perfect, a documentary called Horizon examined beauty products and whether they worked or not. They tried out a lot of creams and one the mentioned (well didn’t actually mention as that would be advertising), was Protect and Perfect from Boots No.7 which is a £17 […]

Shu Uemura Art of Hair

Shu Uemura have a snazzy range of Hair Products (which can be viewed here. Shu Uemura does hair? Well, all the Japanese ladies I know do have banging hair. There is the Shampoo, Conditioner range, and also the styling range. With the styling range, the first concept is to – Unify – with a Depsea product (spritz) that smooths the hair pre styling. Then one Creates and Perfects with a range of styling products, that […]

Too Faces Galaxy VS Nars Eyeshadows

Boots had a great offer on buy any two products from Urban Decay or Too Faced and get £5 off. So I invested in the Galaxy Collection (anything else from Too Faced can probably be found on Ebay for a fraction of the price): I did some swatches to compare the Too Faced collection to the possible Nars equivalents. With NARS, the colours are black generally but have another colour pushing through. With Too Faced […]

Guerlain Loose Kohls

When I catch onto a fad, I don’t do things by halves. After seeing the great reviews of Guerlain Loose Kohls, I purchased a few colours: We have Noir – BlackBrun – er, Brown, quite a warm toned oneBleu – Blue, almost a aqua teal shade. Limited Shades – Oriental Bronze – A cool greeny khaki, verrrryy purdy. Oriental Metal – Another coolish taupey colour. Swatches: The swatch doesn’t show the glittery, shimmery quality of […]

Sofina UV Lucent

As I get older I worry about the dreaded sun and wrinkles – so Sunscreen protection was something to consider. I own Clinqiue City block SPF 30, which resembles a greyish thick white cream, that leaves you looking like a corpse. I own RMK’s sunscreen,SPF 30, which is nice without a colour cast but is still thick, so it has to go on top, or under cream, foundation, primer etc. etc. So everyone directed me […]

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