Weekend Ramblings

Hey – how’s your week been? Mine has been fragmented and somewhat discerning. Nevertheless, we can only keep our chin up and keep going, no? Today the Wii Fit was released in the UK. Of course I got my greasy mitts on one: I haven’t played with it yet because I’m too lazy to plug it in. What do you mean, how do I expect to do the daily exercises then ? I will, ok, […]

Giorgio Armani Illuminator

Want radiance? Want it all over? I do. Some illuminates are so pearly they are better off in concentrated areas. I wanted something pinkish, pearly that I could use all over for a dewy look. So I found this baby: Giorgio Armani Illumniator in no. 7 which is a very pale pink with pearly reflects. What is nice about this is the nice, light texture so it doesn’t feel greasy or gloopy. I put it […]

Guerlain Loose Kohl in 00 Glow

a Know how I became obsessed with Guerlain Kohls? I discovered, *shock horror* there was a shade I didn’t own and this was completely different to the other smokey metallics I own! Glow 00, is described as a whitish peach, great for highlighting. It is supposed to be a limited edition, brought back for one year, 2008. I do love the kohls, but I have noticed some bits under my eyes as the day goes […]

Paul & Joe Primer

A girl can’t have enough eye primers, right? After all, what good is eye make up that doesn’t last? I previously reviewed a load of them, but the search never ends! I love Paul & Joe eyeglosses. They smell great, and leave a truly glossy sheen to the skin. I had to try their primer, which is in a similar bottle. This base is a fleshy colour, it looks dark in the tube (almost a […]

Boots No.7 Tropical palettes

I am in love with Boots No. 7 Instant Radiance foundation. The foundation has nice medium coverage, smooth application (the brush does work) and the colour match is great! Love it! So I decided to indulge further in these extremely beautiful eye shadows from the tropical collection: Pretty, huh? Is it easy to use, being pressed into such an intricate pattern? Well… …no. The eyeshadow looks beautiful, but it is quite hard, quite scratchy. Trying […]

Dior Matte Bronzer SPF

There is nothing worse than a person that glows luminous orange. Its not just ordinary folk, even celebs, who should know better do it! Having said that, since the extremely dull cosmetics companies release bronzer after bronzer after bronzer during the summer months I may as well play ball. I bought the matte Dior Bronzer today with SPF. I like my bronzer to be matte – who wants to be covered in micro glitters. Keep […]

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